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How Many Christmas Presents Per Child? Are You Going Overboard?

How many Christmas presents per child?I’ve got 2 little men who are 4 and 12 months… Wondering how many Christmas presents everyone buys their kids – is it always the same or does the number differ? I’ve finished my 12 month old sons presents and he’s getting 7 presents with 1 big present that will be set up (cozy coupe) and so far got my oldest 6 things including a bike that will be set up already! But I feel bad that one has more than the other? Do I go find my eldest 2 more presents so it’s even?

  •  I have an 18 month old and a 4 year old and I always make sure they have the same amount of presents under the tree so if one had 7 small gifts and one large gift then so would the other. I don’t really worry about price as I find my eldest is getting a little but more expensive when it comes to toys but I always make sure they have the same amount, hope this helps.   Casey
  •  my mum always used to spend the same amount on each child if they wanted the more expensive toys they got less cheaper toys if we got more she just made sure we knew that we never had a problem with it maybe get your 4yo to help your 12mo to unwrap the presents. Casey
  •  I would, but that’s me but obviously you know your child, do you think he will get upset if he notices? Try not to feel guilty Hun, but if you can’t shake it, go and buy him a few matchbox cars and a sketch book and some pencils etc just so they have an even amount. Shane
  •  I always have an even amount of presents for mine.  Tahnee
  •  I would. Ashleigh
  •  so far my 3 and a half yr old daughter has 7 presents and my 14 month old son has 2, I have no idea what else to get him he doesn’t need anything and I refuse to buy more useless toys, I think at his age he won’t even care, when they get older though I’ll make sure they have the same amount of presents.  Sharna
  •  I would do it even, or spend the same amount. But at the end of the day it shouldn’t matter to either of them really.  Belinda
  •  My kids are 3.5 and 20 months and they got 4 presents each ($150 each) also remember some things cost more than others. my whole family buy my kids about 15 presents each all up that’s why I’ve kept it to a minimum it becomes too much. I keep it equal maybe just buy 2 more small thing.  Melissa
  •  I only have one child at the moment but remembering back to when I was a kid, there were 3 of us. Never once did we count our presents or notice if one had more… Megan
  •  my mum always just used to have a sack full for each of us (I am one of 4) don’t think we ever actually counted and compared, mind you she mainly just individually wrapped everything, and a lot of the pressies would be things we needed, socks undies school stuff etc that would have to be bought anyway, but made us feel really special that we had all these ‘presents’ to open!! I suppose depends a bit on your boys if they would be happy with that, I know my parents didn’t really have a lot to spend on us but always made us feel so spoilt lol, actually my mum still does it……and has started it for my boy and my niece…….good luck!!!!   Portia
  •  I buy the same amount of presents for each child, though at 12mnths of age your little one will probably be more interested in the wrapping paper n boxes then the actual presents, so he won’t notice, so maybe focus more on the 4yr old. When we were kids we would always compare how many pressies we had haha. Tamara
  •   I always make sure they have the same amount of presents! I use to fight with my siblings if we didn’t have the same amount lol.  Kellie
  •  For the Xmas presents, my eldest had more (2010) as my middle child was only 3-4 wks old so she got a few things which she would grow into. Last year I think they had roughly the same amount but my son had more spent on him. This year I’ll have a 6y, 25m & 11m, they will have roughly the same amount spent on them. As kids we never counted how many we had as it was such a surprise to have so many just for YOU!  Julie
  •  ur boy’s r very lucky. I don’t think I can afford to get my 2yr old even one present this year we r struggling so much!   Lisa

How many Christmas presents do you buy for your kids? How do you make it ‘fair’?

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