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Modern Cloth Nappies – The myths and hype revealed

by Kate from Bouncing Bubs

Mention the words “modern cloth nappy” and most people will say “oh, really”, give you the look of confusion and almost instantaneously say “how do they work”?  The world of MCNs can be daunting and confusing, especially for 1sttime Mums, however, after a few more questions and education most people become instantaneously converted!

modern cloth nappies

Cloth nappies are easy to clean

When I started using MCNs I was amazed at how easy they were to use, no soaking, no scrubbing, all that needs doing is a pre-wash before use.  Most nappies can also be tumble dried which makes things even easier but the best way to make those stains miraculously disappear is drying in direct sunlight.  Check out our guide to cloth nappies and poo.

Cloth nappies are free from nasty chemicals

The thing that attracts most people to MCNs is knowing they are free from nasty chemicals, which, makes them better on little ones skin and that they are helping the environment.

Variety of cloth nappy options

Cloth nappies can also vary on price, you can get “Internet Cheapies”, some of which are not as high quality as better makes and could cause leaks.  Good quality MCNs provide comfortable, leak-proof protection against the most volatile of ‘accidents’.  The popular popper system makes them quick and easy to put on, very much like a disposable and allows the nappy to grow with your baby, making them more economical.

Cloth nappies last for years

I would certainly recommend anyone to try cloth nappies, they are no longer bulky looking like they were years ago, and once you have your nappy stash built up you do not need to spend any further money unlike disposable nappies.  Reusable nappies can last from birth to potty training which also means for more than one child.

My most favourite thing about them is how they look in comparison to their paper rivals, they are adorable and funky but a very close second is the cost saving and never having the panic of running out of nappies!  I just love them and dare you to give them a ago!

Simple steps for getting started with cloth nappies.  

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