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Only children, the positives

Tell us why having only one child is awesome!

only child the positives

  •  I guess for me the thought of another nine months of worry and anxiety and wondering if bubba is ok . The anticipation of the result of every test .. Every baby is a miracle and a blessing – some of us are grateful to receive that blessing once I suppose
  • So over being called selfish if I choose to only have 1 and “it’s no good for my son?”
    Love this post.  Bree
  • You’ve always got a spare hand for coffee. Amy
  • I don’t have to feel guilty for spending more time with one child, more financial freedom. I can put my daughter through private school and take her on holidays. Is it selfish? I’m still debating that issue but at the moment my husband and I feel content and blessed we have one child and don’t feel the need to have anymore. Marie
  • Because raising a baby/child is a bloody hard job, I think once is enough for me. Emma
  • No arguing with siblings! Sophie
  • I can nap when my son does! Lisa
  • No need to hang on to out grown out clothes/toys or nursery stuff. Juliet
  • Will make holidays cheaper. Only need to keep an eye on one when out and about. No sibling rivalry. No need to buy a bigger car to accommodate more kids. Only one to put through school. Can focus my attention and love on one child. The list is endless!!! Jennifer
  • Giving my child endless possibilities and opportunities with my full attention.
    No fighting or arguing with siblings.  No copying of bad behavior.  Being able to provide for my child without the other missing out. Janelle
  • All of my energy and resources will go into giving my little girl the best opportunities. Anika
  • Easy to get babysitter. Not very expensive for eveything like childcare! You can devote yourself to that one child. No fighting. Once they grow out of stuff you just pass it on or donate it. You’ve only got one set of stretch marks  The thought of retirement feels closer. Taking one child on holidays is easy! I don’t need a bigger house and I can retire in my little house we bought as first home buyers. The list goes on… but I do have guilt alot knowing he won’t have anyone to “grow up with” but hopefully he will be good at making friends. Belle
  • Can’t imagine having to look after another one as well with attention and (not) sleeping. Claire
  • He gets all the attention. Rebecca
  • You always know who did it no guessing what child it was lol unless its chocolate gone missing then i line hubby and the boy up and question lol. Lisa
  • Oh and Belle Rouge after the first I never got any more stretch marks lol. I love each and every one of my children as much as any mother does. You learn as a mother of more than one to prioritize. Each one of your children matter just as much as the next and you learn to multi task. I am quite capable of helping with home work giving cuddles and cooking dinner at the same time. They don’t have to share my love between them. The capacity of my love for my children grows bigger with each child. Patricia
  • You have all the time , money and energy to really enjoy your child and you only have to change nappies for 2-3 years instead of 5+ years lol. Kate
  • Less washing. Anna
  • I’m an only child n it’s not awesome. Angela
  • My nephew is an only child and he is wonderful very loving caring and sharing and he has grown up to be very independent! There is nothing wrong with only having 1 and people who say it’s not right obviously just don’t understand! I have 2 and planning a third its personal choice but I would never call my sister selfish for giving all her love to a handsome young man. Alicia
  • Because it’s just a miracle to have a child! Loving just having the time for him! Cindy
  • My son enjoys his own company but still socialises well with others. As for the whole only child spoilt idea -that is untrue if you give your child what they need and not always what they want which can also happen in larger families. Tash
  • It helped to develop a closeness that I don’t think would have existed with split attention and time. Stephanie
  • I also feel they grow up more independently, and able to keep themselves occupied… Anika
  • My son and I have a unique bond. Nessa
  • No right or wrong. My personal reason for having more than 1, was because I was an only child and I hated it. I remember when I was little, I would always ask for a brother or sister for my birthday or Christmas. However, I also know other only kids that loved being the only one, so everyone has a different take on it. Whichever works best, as sometimes there is no option in life. Tanya
  • I only need to make a mistake once to learn from it! hahha just kidding. How could I love another child as much as the perfect creature I created first? X Antonia
  • Because we can spend as much time as possible together  we are only on this earth for such a short time when you look at the years and to look at our girl and know that the person I love most in this world was my partner and brought this beautiful gift of our daughter to me and we get to watch her learn, explore and develop is truly amazing! It brings me such pride having the knowledge that there is such a head string bossy little person exactly like me and her father in the world! Lol Amy
  • My daughter rocks!! She’s a slam dunk! My routine is easy with her and we both get plenty of sleep. Less shopping, less washing. I just love having her. I’m happy to stop at one. Tiff
  • No fighting,, no jealousy between siblings,, cheaper bills,, not as busy,, a little more me time n relaxation,, when they’re having a bad day at least it’s only them.. When you have more they sometimes have a bad day on the same day n stress you the hell out,, with 1 there’s a little mess round the house but when there’s more the house looks like someone started and finished world war 3 in there,, don’t need to guess which child started the fight or raided the pantry,, more space round the house,, able to live in a smaller house,, you have more energy…. I had only 1 til my eldest was 2 n half n omg I wish I hadve stopped at 1 sometimes even though I love the youngest 2 to bits having 1 is so much easier than 3. Nicol
  • I’m only planning one for most of above reasons but after much advice I’ve moved that plan to one with option of more, only deciding after having one! Kim
  • Being able to stay home and raise my child. Giving him my undivided attention. ..and creating endless possibilities and opportunities. Kathy
  • The special 1-1 time. All time and resources are for my son. Jenna
  • All the time to enjoy watching my little man grow, thrive and flourish with no interruptions. I’m loving reading all these while my hubby puts pressure on for number 2… Loving life just the 3 of us. Tanja
  • Cheaper. Danielle
  • Raising a child is extremely difficult but with one I can spend the precious 1 on 1 time with her. I don’t have to worry about how to occupy her while caring for a baby. She sleeps through and I love my sleep too. We can go to the movies as a family now (and actually still afford it). We can travel on holidays without spending a fortune. She’s happy and I don’t have to worry about answering the question if I love one child more or be accused of showing favoritism. My sis and i did that a lot to my parents. But most importantly we can do fun things that a baby wouldn’t have the patience to see/do. Mel
  • Cheaper at Maccas or anywhere lol!! No fighting!! Always know the culprit lol! More time with bub! Only have to share my food with 1!!! Amie
  • I don’t have to split my attention or try and match nap schedules. Cassie-Amy
  • Oh where do I begin.. the energy.. the time.. the MONEY! mind u in this economy its much harder to have a multi child family. all attentive focus on the one.. and mind you if you royally fuck up.. its only the onee child  not 5!! and you can do more e.g give them more, better educational experience, quality of living etc. I have had one child and absolutely nothing In the world could change my feeligs on this. MJ

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