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Our top picks for Kmart Mother’s Day gifts

Want to drop a not so subtle hint for a Kmart Mother’s Day gift? We found some awesome gift ideas for M-Day. You’re welcome.

Kmart Mother's Day Gift

Winter pyjamas – $16

Who doesn’t love playing matchy matchy with the kids? Now you can guilt free with these awesome Kmart mother daughter PJs. Cute!

Kmart Mother's Day Gift

Milk frother – $29

This is just a win win for the whole family. Make cafe style coffees and if they’re lucky… the kids might score a babycino for buying such a rad gift.

Kmart Mother's Day Gift

Bamboo bath caddy – $15

Brilliant! Who doesn’t want a bath alone for Mother’s Day. No kids allowed and yes significant other, you can deliver a glass of wine to me while I’m soaking in the tub. Throw in a few bath bombs and a book and you’re winning at life.

Kmart Mother's Day Gift

Mini blender with bottles -$30

This is perfect! Home made juices and smoothies are the best and the bottles make it totally portable. Love it!

Kmart Mother's Day Gift

Embroidery boots -$30

Are these the cutest boots you’ve seen this season? I just know that they are! Tell the kids your shoe size and unleash them in Kmart. They literally can’t go wrong.

Kmart Mother's Day Gift

Satin kimono gown – $15

I just love my satin kimono gown so when I saw this in Kmart for only $15 it got a big yes ma’am from me. Perfect to throw on over your PJs on the weekend.

Kmart Mother's Day Gift

2 Tone watch – $20

Where else but Kmart can you find a stunning watch in rose gold tones for such a low price? There are even watch sets that come with matching bangles this Mother’s Day. Treat yo’ self lady! A watch for every day of the week I say.

Kmart Mother's Day Gift

Fedora hat – $12

How gorgeous is this trendy winter hat? I want it now! And at that price, how can the hubby argue with this one!

Kmart Mother's Day Gift

Zachery quilt cover set – $36

Winter is coming and so are the cold nights but you can stay cosy and stylin’ in this amazingly affordable quilt set. You can even grab some throw pillows to add some colour and still come in under $50. Amazing!

Kmart Mother's Day Gift

Chain knit throw rug – $25

Kmart decor is on fleek and on budget. Send the kids to the homewares section and they’re sure to find something amazing to fit with your style. But we are loving this cosy pink throw rug. Perfect for the cooler months.

Kmart Mother's Day Gift

Novelty boot slippers – $15

Could the obligatory pair of Mother’s Day slippers be any cuter? Seriously – get on my feet! They also come in polar bear and unicorn.


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