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Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craftby Bec

I’ve always got paper plates around the house, they are fantastic for craft. We’ve made lots of different animals and things out of paper plates before. Today we thought we’d do something a little Christmassy with them. These Paper Plate Christmas Trees are really easy and the kids will love them.

You will need

  • 4 Paper plates
  • Sticky tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Yellow paper (for the star)
  • Decorations – coloured paper, glitter etc

Method for Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

Make four different shaped cones out of the paper plates, make sure they’re the right size to stack and look like a tree

Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

Paper Plate Christmas Tree CraftPaint the sections green (or any colour you like, be imaginative)Glue togetherMake a star for the top and decorate

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