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antenatal classesJust wondering what useful things others got out of antenatal¬†birth classes? I’m due with my first bub in nov and am tossing up to go them as I have a personality that you could tell me how to deal with pain but when I’m in it I’m not sure it’ll help.

  • The hospital classes I went to covered everything up to the birth, then everything after. For your first I’d recommend it because you’ve got the time to learn about things now, find out what your options are, when to call the hospital, what’s normal, what may or may not happen. Ie. Yes you may have pain relief during the labour but what type, what effect could it have on the baby, the risks, the benefits.. You won’t be of a ‘sane’ mind to learn about these things when you’re having contractions Then comes what to do once the baby is out; cleaning, feeding, looking after yourself etc. Some things may seem obvious but you may learn something too and be thankful for knowing when the time comes Best of luck Amy
  • Great for familiarising yourself with the hospital and midwives, meeting other people, good for your partner to learn some hints and tips etc. Dealing with pain is only one part of the class. Nerissa
  • I’m a first time mum to a now 6.5 month old little girl. I didn’t do pre birth classes. It wasn’t me. I just watched one born every minute haha. It was helpful tho. I don’t believe anything can fully prepare u for labour. U just gotta go in and experience it! Nicole
  • They cover a lot more than pain relief. Having knowledge and understanding on your side is a big benefit. Id recommend them to everybody. They can’t do any harm (as long as you go through the right places!( Jessica
  • Birthing classes are not just about birth and I found them helpful. I got to meet the midwives at the hospital and learn lots about caring for a newborn and also everything about birthing aids and pain relief. Its good to know you options and know what they are talking about when it comes to the day. Birthe
  • better to have gone and not learnt anything, than to not go and miss everything! It’s a few hours! I actually pulled out the handouts while I was having contractions to remind myself of comfortable positions! Kylie
  • I didn’t go to any classes I got through labour and childbirth 3 times. I haven’t been to any classes with all 3…. Telling me how to deal with labour/child birth pain is totally different to actually dealing with it. I didn’t even have a birth plan.. I got through it. Emma
  • I recommend very highly going to classes even if you think you know pretty much everything there is to know! Personally I think they should be mandatory! Yes they touch on pain relief and effects of pain relief on you and your baby but other helpful hints and tips you pick up for while you are pregnant and once bubs is born are amazing! I still talk to and catch up with the other mothers from my classes so not only was it informative but I am still benefiting from them and hey if you don’t learn anything what’s a couple of hours for a few weeks ! And plus you usually get milo / tea/ coffee and biscuits they really know how to please a pregnant lady Sarah
  • I think it’s better to go and possibly end up thinking it was a waste of time, as opposed to not going and regretting it. Kahlia
  • I certainly wasn’t told how to deal with pain. More learning about options of pain relief, how they work side effects etc processes, tour of bith suite, what happens if ( c sec, forseps, etc ) how too, breastfeeding issues wheb to go to hospital etc. I found them very helpful educational and eased my mind in knowing what happens when I go to hospital Laura
  • I never went to birth classes when I had my first an I did great. I don’t have any regrets. When you go to antenatal apps they tell you everything you need to know and you can read about it and stuff so I thought what’s the point plus I worked 10 hour days so I just wanted to go home depends on what you want. Ellen
  • You don’t need to go if you’re proactive about educating yourself, I didn’t and I had a wonderful drug free labour and my baby and I had no problems learning to breastfeed. If you’re anxious about anything then it’s probably best but I think if you trust yourself and believe you can do it then your body will show you how. Sarah
  • We just spent the last 2 Saturdays at prep classes. Personally we enjoyed them. It was interesting to learn what was happening to my body (from a biology point of view), learn the different stages of labour (when to not worry, when to worry, when to leave home), about the drugs, tour the hospital, learn what happens to your body after the birth, learn different soothing/calming techniques for baby. Samantha
  • I attended 1 class with my first and left early as we already read all the information supplied by hospital and books. I had a 22hr labor and emergency c section. No class or book can really prepare you for what will happen. If you think they’ll be helpful go along and if you don’t like them no need to go back. AnneMaree
  • I didn’t go to the usual birthing classes as I heard they focused more on all the pain relief options which is something I didn’t want to focus on. Instead I did a calm birth course which focuses more on trusting your body and explaining what you body is actually doing when you have a contraction and made me more at ease knowing I could feel more on control practicing the technics I learnt, 3 drug free labours later with longest labour bring 8 hours and shortest 27 mins … Bub 3 is only 5 weeks and already planning no 4! Linda
  • I would go, I didn’t go to mine because I have a high pain thresh hold and thought I would be able to work through it but now after having my son wish I did, if you don’t learn anything helpful oh well but you just might learn something that makes your birth run as smoothly as possible. Christine
  • Read birth skills by juju sundin Jessica
  • I found that the classes were a good way to get comfortable with the hospital and its procedure. It was also a great way to get my husband more involved in the process Lydia
  • Great idea to go, got lots of info about labour, breastfeeding and caring for bub. Plus what to expect first few days as a parent (great for first bub). Also went to an ABA breastfeeding class as I wanted to breastfeed. 11 weeks and had no issues feeding which I put down to learning about it. No mastitis or blocked ducts yet. Sherrealle
  • I went to the Birthing classes for my Bub.. They just go over all the drugs and all the sides effects for you and Bub.. And all the stages of birth.. A little on breast feeding… Found out some things i didnt know… And they made me decide to have a natural birth.. So i guess they were ok… Kylie
  • It’s not about talking about the pain, that’s just a given really. It’s more about caring for and how to clean baby. What’s normal. What’s not. What it may look like at the start and why. How to change a nappy. How to swaddle safely. Stuff like that. It’s a good idea for number one I think but I wouldn’t do it again next time now I know Kat
  • Definitely recommend for lots of helpful advise, meeting great people at the same stage of pregnancy as you and a few laughs. Anon
  • I did calmbirth instead of hospital and found it good. They covered stages of labour and different pain relief options as well. I think even if the pain relief techniques go out the window on the day there is still so much more info from the classes which I was given and helped my husband have an idea on what to expect. Annie
  • I didn’t do the hospital classes. Instead we went to an independent educator and did a class called Transition Into Parenthood. It was one full day on labour and birth (and it taught us skills that got me through an induced labour with zero pain relief) and one full day on how to care for your newborn. I don’t know where you live but if you can get into a course like ours then I highly recommend it. Brilliant. Kirsty
  • Birth classes should explain everything about birth and what drugs are available with their benefits and side affects. They shouldn’t sway you to either take or not take pain meds it’s simply for info so you can prepare yourself Beth
  • Was a waste of time for me everything I already knew but the tour of the hospital was good. Tash
  • for me it was more getting comfortable with the hospital and actually convincing myself I was havin a baby. Lol it sounds funny but I didn’t believe it in my heart until I held her the first time. I ended up with an emergency c section, but I was still very happy I went to classes. Jessica
  • very beneficial plus you meet other people due the same time as you Sharon
  • I didn’t do them and I had a smooth labour and birth. I do wonder whether there would be anything helpful for post birth though maybe even breastfeeding specific. I read a lot but don’t think I fully understood until I was there. It was very hard for me at first Hollie
  • www.calmbirth.com.au classes were much more useful than the hospital classes which left me fearful of pain and focused on pain relief. Calmbirth taught me HOW to give birth without fear and I did it in 3 hours with only gas and pethedine and with extreme physical feelings but no pain. Prue
  • The antenatal class I did covered WAY more then pain relief during labour. I found the classes absolutely invaluable and would highly recommend them. Natalie
  • What I got out of my prenatal classes was a great new group of friends! The most lovely group of ladies!! Ally
  • i made it through 3 hours of the birth class and as soon as they showed a birth video i went into early labor and had to have it stopped, this was last week lol Kehyra
  • My birth class was well worth the time. Stephanie
  • I found the classes fantastic you may think you know everything you need to know but I’m sure if you went you would learn something you didn’t know or realize. It opened my eyes up to a lot more than just watching a tv show on births. It helped me form my birth plan and prepared me mentally for complications. I didn’t even realize there was 3 stages of birth until I went. I highly recommend going Jessica
  • I absolutely despise any kind of pain, and I thought I’d rather go into it all blind rather than know what was going to happen otherwise I would have freaked out. as it turns out I had a completely drug free birth (not my choice!) as bub came so quickly and they midwives guide you the whole time telling you what helps and what doesn’t. . it all came so naturally, you’d be surprised Steph
  • Its just worth going to understand what happens in the hospital but i would definitely invest in independent birth education it also talks about baby sleep, breastfeeding etc so consider those classes as well…Calmbirth is good…. Natalie
  • Birth classes can be helpful for the info etc but I found them to talk about all the pain relief and intervention options. I personally found that reading books like The Bradley Method, where they explain what is happening with your body and that the pain you experience is happening for a good reason, helps your body produce good hormones that help progress the body. And how fear can slow down birth. Being mentally prepared, thinking positive and having faith that your body can and will do it made all the difference with my second. Melissa
  • Personally I enjoyed my pre natal classes. There was a few things I learnt I had no idea about. Not necessarily the birth but also afterwards what to expect KiraLee
  • Mine hardly even talked about pain relief. It was more about explaining what all of the possible medical interventions involved, when they would be used, how to bath the baby, soothing techniques you could use to calm the baby etc If you’re a FTM it’s worth going to Fiona
  • my partner and I just finish our classes and it helped alot for him to understand its not all Just going to happen within 30mins like he was thinking. it really made him carm and made us feel more prepared for the birth with Lil hints and tips! I’d personally recommend going. Ruby
  • We’re currently doing the classes and you learn ALOT more than pain relief. I had many unwanted comments about how they’re “a waste of time”, and it couldn’t be further from the truth. Unless you know everything there is to know as a first time mother, which I doubt any FTM does…. then they’re definitely beneficial! If you walk out of there having learnt 1 thing you didn’t know before, it’s worth it and I promise, you’ll walk out learning alot more than that! Amanda
  • They’re really a good idea, not just for pain relief options but they let you know of warning signs and when you should head to hospital immediately, how to manage the pain at home for as long as possible, the importance of skin on skin contact in the first few minutes etc… I learnt a lot of information I didn’t know, definitely recommend the pre birth classes! Catherine
  • I think it was helpful to learn about the different options available when it came to giving birth. Other than that, there was other useful info such as looking after a newborn, illnesses etc. ours was at the hospital too so it was good to get a tour of the labour ward so we were comfortable when we got there. Good luck! Billie
    I just finished mine and I loved them !!You learn things from what’s a normal birth, to a not normal to breast feeding ect It’s information overload but you get hand outs My fianc√© and I went 3 hours every week for a month and it was so worth it Alicia
  • I didnt go to classes and managed just fine in my labour. So long as you research all your options though. Danielle
  • My husband and I did them and to be honest it scared us more than anything. I didn’t really learn anything from them but see a women pushing bubs out that’s the only memory I took lol. Each to their own. X Lauren
  • I thought I knew quite a bit but in fact I didny after adding the full day class. Learnt new things and so did my husband. Melissa
  • The meeting of other couples is one important part, it’s not all about labour . Go. Fiona
  • You learn more then how to deal with pain, I found them very useful with my first pregnancy/baby Nicola
  • the friends you make. in labour and maternity ward I came across 3people from the classes and even afyer 4.5yrs im still good friends with 2 other couples and our kids are great friendswith 2 Amy
  • Same situation late nov my partner and i are both attending a couple classes (pre natal, daddy class and pregnancy care) because we want first hand informantion, people seem to contradict themselves alot, even though they’re just trying to help. Renee
  • I never went but I know friends did who went and they found information helpful for after bub was born. I don’t think you can really prepare for child birth! Haha. Different for every one. Chloe
  • It’s great for a first baby I personally just felt more informed about what to expect and all my different options etc. It also gives you a chance to meet other mummies/couples who are expecting around the same time as you. You can also do tours of the ward. Nessa
  • Only a small part of it is on the labour, they go over baby care, interventions, show you around the hospital, let you know what to expect when to come in and lots of other things. A lot of it is pretty boring though I noticed a few dads nodding off Tracey
  • Nothing useful bit I had to attend them so I could have my baby at the hospital Kirsten
  • I think it’s a good idea, it helped familiarise myself with the birthing rooms and the staff. It also helped me meet other mums due around the same time which was really good as our kids have been growing up together since they were born. Mel
  • Well one nothing can prepare you for what comes with labour. Secondly I loved going to birth classes, you find out questions you didn’t know to ask and then you have the opportunity to ask anything and everything!!! Go go go! Justine
  • I did the classes in 2x 5 hour lectures on the wknd rather than a series of classes. Was great to learn about the different types of pain relief and the practicalities around having them (i.e. preparation time, how long they last). Also great to be informed about all the stages of labour and when it’s appropriate to come into hospital. Emma
  • Seriously just watch some birthing shows that’ll give you more of an idea what up expect/do etc Bec
  • don’t go to it expecting to know exactly how things r going to go. They are good in the fact they familiarise you with pain relief options, instruments that may be used etc. My sons birth didn’t go to plan and when they needed to intervene, i was more comfortable with it because i knew what they were using. And even if u dony get anything out of it. It gets u out of the house for a while Libby
  • It’s great for first baby. I also recommend calmbirth/hypnobirthing classes if you want something different. I did it for my second baby and loved it! Megan
  • I didn’t go to any classes. My partner helped me (2nd bub for him). Also the nurse talked me through it. There are books you can read to give you the same information anyway. Sarah
  • I personally did get that much out of it, all the mums that did t pay attention to c-section part all had c-sections. I never had a birth plan I don’t see the point when plans never go as they should when it comes to having a baby. My only request was no epidural (my personal choice) after being induced laboring got 7hrs I ended up in for an emergency under a general no what I’d hoped for. So for next in opting for a vbac ( vaginal birth after c-section) but it doesn’t go that way so be it. I agree the nurses will help with pain management when & if you need it. Michaela
  • I’d go to it. First baby. Glad I went. A lot you will learn. A lot of info. May be over whelming but worth it. Estah
  • I never went to any classes. had a nurse telling me what to do anyway. Sarah
  • I found them great. I did the 5 x 2 hr classes I was able to absorb more info n my friend who did the full day, was so tired n hungry by the end n didnt take much in Salena
  • Absolutely go. You need to know your pain options as does your partner. it will definitely make you more prepared as it covers way more than pain relief, you will get a lot more out of it than you expect. Erin
  • I enjoyed mine & found them very helpful. Especially the breast feeding classes. Amy
  • Yes! Go to the pre birth class, talking with other ftms definitely help, and you will defs learn something! Zoe
  • I didn’t have any classes, I did a tour of the hospital and discussed anything else I wanted with the midwives at my appts, they coach you through the birth anyway, telling you how to breathe, when to push etc Bec


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