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pregnancy weight gain commentsAny suggestions for pregnant mums who continue to have negative comments made to them about their weight gain… ie “are you sure there’s not two in there? My friend has the same due date and she’s much smaller that you! You should really only gain 12kgs”. I am so frustrated with these comments they are making me feel down when I have a perfectly beautiful belly and healthy weight gain.

  • Laugh long and loudly publicly and also say very loudly “are you really telling a pregnant woman that she looks too fat…really? So who raised you?” Then continue to laugh as you walk away to the manicure/pedicure/haircut/massage you’re about to book for your fine beautiful pregnant self. xo. Jodi
  • I put on 36kg, went from 60 kg to just under 100kg. I got called a tellitubbie, by complete strangers in a shopping centre I wanted to burst into tears. But you know what, I held my head high, and am proud of the changes I went through to have my beautiful baby! Shrug it off. Babies are worth what goes on in your body! We’re all different. I was bigger then the average. Just laugh at people, that gets to them Ciarra
  • I had a comment early on in my pregnancy.. ‘Oh you’re really filling out that shirt now’ I just replied – ‘I’m pregnant what’s your excuse’ And walked away!! Was a good day!! Teghan
  • For my last i kept getting asked by strangers if i was having twins or triplets…one day i snapped and told the lady i wasn’t pregnant….lol should have seen her scoot away red faced… Nikki
  • My doctor is very happy with how everything is going, including my weight.” Then change the subject. People are so rude! Kat
  • Call them out on it. “You do realise that you’re being really rude, right?” Annie
  • Haha i didnt handle these remarks well in my pregnancy… one of them went like this… lady – says wow you must be ready to pop… me – no still have 2 months to go… lady – wow you are huge… me – gee thanks so when are you due??? Lady – umm i am not pregnant… me – wow you are huge for a lady who isnt pregnant… i smiled very sweetly she looked at me horrified and people around were chuckling… people are rude just ignore them Lou
  • At 27 weeks I had people say “you can’t even tell your pregnant” which got me really worried something was wrong. It wasn’t, I had a big 9 pound 3 baby. My friend looked 40 weeks at about 30 weeks and had a 8 pound baby. We all have different frames and carry out babies differently. Tell them your growing a healthy baby and that is all that matters! Emma
  • I just told everyone my baby had a kardashian bum and that’s why I was so big!! Nikki
  • My response would probably get deleted. How rude!! Reply with a comment on their own appearance Bec
  • Oh I feel your pain! I was constantly asked if I was expecting twins! I am a bigger girl but I gained little weight. My theory was that baby was feeding off of my fat reserves lol. I measured about 6 weeks ahead from around 24 weeks and I only evened out around 35 weeks. I did have excess fluid tho, but nothing that was considered a risk. I just reiterated that everyone carries differently and that baby and I are healthy, reminding them that a big belly is the least of my worries!! People feel it necessary to insert their opinions toward mothers, and it starts before the baby even arrives. Try take it with a grain of salt and remind yourself of their ignorance. Hope this pic makes your feel better!! Natalie
  • I got told that too – then I saw my ultrasound and my lil man and I said you know what I am growing a baby I want him to be healthy, happy and have room to move so I stopped caring what everyone had to say. When I did that I felt better and actually in the end didn’t put too much weight on. Just try and be healthy which is your healthy not what society thinks is healthy Lana
  • I copped this my whole pregnancy last time round. I got to the point where I snapped and said to someone “well at least I know I’m going to lose the weight, can’t change being ugly though can you?!” not my finest moment but I was heavily pregnant, tired from running around after 2 other children and just over it all. I was actually weighing less than my first pregnancy! So I was extra pissed off. I have big babies – one was 8lb13oz my other was 9lb …. They were healthy, I was healthy. That’s all I cared about Britt
  • This woman at work would say to me, ‘hi fatso’ and I would just say, ‘same to you’. Ashleigh
  • My fav is… im growing a baby whats your excuse Holly
  • Apart from saying ‘Everyone is different’, maybe response with something equally as inappropriate? For Males: Are you sure you’re not shooting blanks? For females: Are you sure you’re not pregnant? You’re starting to look a little on the heavier side yourself? I just brush off comments personally but if it’s really getting to you, then give some back! Shivani
  • My niece is pregnant with twins and you are way bigger than her! Gutted me. It took a while but you get thicker skin. But I did! My favourite reply, I can loose weight, you can’t loose ugly! As long as your doctor is happy and your baby is healthy, who cares, People can be rude and judgemental – they are just f wits!! I coped it with all 3 of my pregnancies. I gained between 42kg & 47kg each time! No matter my diet, exercise etc all the same. Hard work getting it back off only 14kg to go! Morgan
  • Unfortunately you can’t stop people saying stupid stupid things. If they’re someone close & you like just say its excess fluid and you’re really self conscious about it (guilt them). And if someone you don’t know or like comments, well just tell them your weight gain is justified by pregnancy & ask how they can justify theirs you’re growing a beautiful healthy baby, never forget that Danielle
  • I WAS carrying twins and I STILL copped it. People forget to put their manners back in! Its so hard to not let it get to you, but remember one thing- you only get to carry this/these precious gifts for a little time- enjoy it! He/She/They will be out and in this world before long- enjoy feeling them kick, hiccup and roll. Its what your beautiful, amazing tummy is all about! What your body is doing is AMAZING! Soon you will meet your little one, and all these feelings will disappear Leticia
  • This pregnancy I’m massive for my gestation period, last pregnancy I was too small!! Some people are never satisfied and it’s not even there pregnancy!! Emma
  • I had a dr, that I had never seen before and wasn’t going to see again, tell me that I was too “big” and that I needed to lose weight while I was pregnant with my second. I went home and had a good cry to my hubby, ate some chocolate and just reminded myself that my body is doing something amazing. At my next appointment with my regular dr she told me that there was nothing wrong with my weight. I had excess fluid so looked like I had gained heaps of weight so I got everything from “are you sure it’s not twins” to “you must be due this week” when I still had had over a month to go. I found that having a vent to my hubby helped to deal with the “anger” I felt when people said something like that to me. Just remember that you are doing something amazing and try to just let it roll off, which is easier said than done, some people just let their mouth work faster then their brain. Rach
  • I think Kat smitherams response is great. It’s so frustrating that people think it’s ok to comment on someone’s size just because they are pregnant. It’s not ok, it’s rude and I would be saying thanks for your concern but I’m growing a healthy little human so would appreciate if you kept your not very nice comments to yourself Rachel
  • I’m tiny and have gained 14 kilo! Everyone’s different Teshaana
  • I am 37 weeks now and have been copping the same. I just tell them yeah I’m growing another human inside me what’s your excuse. Do not let the idiots get to you. You are doing perfectly fine they are just jealous and have nothing else to say but comment on your size. Corryn
  • And the frustrating thing is that the next person will tell you that you should eat more because you are small. People are never satisfied unless they can pick on something. I’m a bit out there – I would probably throw a hissy fit and let them get all judgy about my mood swings lol. Food for the gossips! Kyra
  • Ask the same question back to the person while patting their gut. They won’t ask again. Trust me Sam
  • People are mean and rude, it’s worse when your pregnant. All I can suggest politely is really try and tune them out. Just remember you are growing a beautiful little person in your tummy and that is what matters 💕 good luck mumma Kathryn
  • Call them on their behaviour. Tell them their comments are hurtful and if they are decent human beings they will realise what they’ve said is not helpful. Or tell them the dr says you’re both perfectly healthy and isn’t worried in the slightest. Missy

    How do you handle negative comments about your weight gain, comment below

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