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Prevent Your Baby Catching Your Cold

Prevent your baby catching your coldJust looking for tips on how to prevent my 5 month breastfed baby getting a cold as I feel I’m about to get one.

  • Keep breastfeeding. It’s exhausting but it’s one of the best thing to help bubs fight the cold and to help build their immune system Ashley
  • there’s no way to prevent it but by continuing to bf baby you’re providing antibodies to the virus. Fess nose sucker will help them breathe, elevate the top end of the cot slightly, baby Vicks on the chest all will help get you through. Good luck it truly sucks when baby gets sick! Ange
  • A cold wont hurt bubs, its good to build there immune system Zara
  • Breastfeed and babywear. Kiss babies hands and feet Kimmy
  • Add extra breastfeeds as tiring as it is. We had gastro rip through and everyone else apart from EBF lo got horrendous gastro. So keep it up! Amy
  • Keep feeding like usual. I used antibacterial wipes and hand wash more offen but my LO didn’t catch anything Sarah
  • My breastfed bub is currently sick. Unfortunately it can’t be avoided. I’ve bee using fess saline spray to clear his nose. I’ve had 3 colds since he was born and he only just got one now at 6.5months. Jessica
  • Keep breast feeding Victoria
  • If bub gets a cold to put a bit of vicks on bubs chest and feet and if you have a vaporiser use that. My daughter just had croup and it helped her a lot Lauren
  • Obviously breastfeeding is doing wonders for their immune system. You can add a baby probiotic also, will boost even more. Im a naturopath. X Faye
  • I managed to avoid passing on one to our baby by constantly using hand gel. *constantly*! The last time I had a cold I didn’t bother, and she managed to get the cold as well Ashleigh
  • if you feel you’re getting a cold, put vicks on your feet with socks when you’re going to bed tonight. I do this and it either stops the cold in its tracks or minimises how bad its is Michelle
  • once you have symptoms of a cold your no longer contagious so if bubs is gonna get it he already does ! Lara
  • The SNOTTY is a battery powered device to remove nasal mucus in babies and toddlers – The results are incredible. Far more effective than those cheap bulb aspirators. Mine came with a free refillable saline spray bottle too. Wouldn’t be without it during cold & flu season. Laura

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