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Princess Charlotte’s tantrum has nothing on my kids

The news of today is that Princess Charlotte had a tantrum while getting on a plane in Germany.  Watch this vision and tell me if you think this is a tantrum.

Let’s take a minute to reflect on the essential components that make up a good tantrum.

  1. It has to have enough impact to make people LOOK
  2. There need to be MASSIVE tears rolling down the child’s face
  3. They need to be LOUD, for a tantrum to be effective it needs to be heard through closed doors
  4. It needs to last LONGER than 10 seconds

My kids have laid down in the middle of a supermarket and screamed for what seemed like hours, they have gone stiff in the car to avoid being buckled up while howling so loud people could hear from the next suburb.

I would love to hear about some of your children’s epic meltdowns, those true tantrums that you are still thinking about for weeks after the event.

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