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Rainbow Frushi: food art

Rainbow Frushi: food art with fruit sushiRainbow Frushi is a fun, vibrant and nutrient packed snack or meal option – a simple (cheat) fruity take on the traditional sushi.  Great for unrolling, exploring and playing with, it’s ideal for picky or fussy eaters.  It has the delicious sweetness of the fresh fruit plus the familiar bread texture of the tortilla wrap and the creamy texture of the cream cheese.

Rainbow Frushi – a healthy and fun stepping stone to sushi

Is your little one interested in sushi but not quite a fan of raw fish, seaweed or fishy tastes just yet?  This may be an alternative healthy snack whilst their tastes develop.

It’s great for lunch boxes and with the availability of lactose free cream cheese and gluten free wraps, it’s also available as an allergy-friendly option.  If you haven’t tested your child for a bee, pollen or a honey based allergy, it may be best to remove the honey element of this food art.

Incredibly simple to make, this is a fun kids activity for little ones to make themselves (with a little adult help, depending on their capabilities).  It involves spreading, cutting and rolling – all great fine motor activities for kids and brilliant ways to get them excited about different fruits, textures, preparing food and healthy eating in general.

This Rainbow Frushi is made within 3 minutes and is packed full of fresh nutrients and colour.

*This is to serve as an inspiration and guide – feel free to substitute where appropriate, so that it’s best suited.  You could easily use bread instead – simply rolling it out before using, to flatten it.


  • one large wrap
  • approximately 3 tablespoons of cream cheese.
  • 3/4 cup finely chopped fruit of your choice (we used 4 raspberries, 3 strawberries, 5 x blueberries and 2 slices papaya
  • pomegranate seeds to garnish
  • honey for decoration (if appropriate)


1- Place wrap on a plate and spread the entire surface with the cream cheese

2- Place a layer of chopped fruit on the cream cheese wrap, leaving 2 cm free on one of the sides

3- Roll the wrap tightly towards the cream cheese section that you’ve left fruit-free – this cream cheese will help to glue the wrap closed, to retain the rolled shape

4- Once rolled, slice the frushi roll into slices approx 1.5 cm thick and place side down on a plate

Food art philosophy

Toddler mealtimes are often frustrating, stressful and wasteful – filled with tantrums and tears.  It’s important to find a way to engage kids with the wonders of food, to remove the concept of mealtimes being upsetting and a source of family arguments.  Bringing an element of fun and enjoyment to meals will help little ones to relax and to view mealtime as happy quality family time.

If children can develop a good relationship with healthy food early on, it helps to set them up with a lifestyle that appreciates natural flavours, simple meals and a diet lower in processed foods and artificial colours, flavourings and additives.  This has many benefits for our kids – physical, mental and social.  It affects their energy, concentration, performance at school and their overall health and wellbeing.

About the Author:

Iddle Peeps is run by Nicky McEnery, a slightly bonkers toddler mum who has a love for kids crafts and activities, education, nutrition and anything related to her 3 year old toddler son.

Her hope is to inspire busy parents to be creative with their little ones, through incredibly easy and simple ideas (even for those who don't consider themselves crafty, or good in the kitchen). Everything is created with working, time-poor and exhausted care-givers in mind.

There's a strong theme of reusing, recycling and environmental awareness with all of the crafts and activities.

Healthy, quick and creative food art (with simple instructions for busy parents) is intended to liven up toddler meals and encourage picky eaters to try new and healthy foods. Recipes include everything from snacks to desserts and product reviews work off the genuine desire to share information on helpful, useful and practical family items.

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