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When it comes to raising children, Australia is a great place to be! The weather is (for the most part) nice enough to guarantee plenty of time for outdoor play. We’ve got wonderful beaches and national parks just begging to be explored. Our health care system is far more family-friendly than many other countries and we’ve got incredible schools where every child has a chance of success.

Being a parent can be overwhelming. You’ve got every man, woman, their dogs and their dogs fleas trying to give you advice. It’s often hard to know where to turn and, when it comes to raising children, you need to know that the answers you’re being given are the right ones.

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While it’s definitely true that raising children in Australia does NOT come with a manual (how great would that be?!), there are a number of places that you can reliably turn to for expert opinion and assistance. From raising toddlers to taming teenagers, Baby Hints and Tips have a strong history of helping out parents JUST LIKE YOU.

Baby Hints and Tips is a network of experts, community members, regular contributors and bloggers all working together to make this parenting ride a little bit easier.

Here’s how to make that network work for you.

Baby and parenting hints and tips

Having a support network around you is great but navigating parenthood (at any stage) can be fraught with tension. Health issues, in-law issues, relationship problems and just general ‘life stuff’ can really take its toll on your confidence and your sense of self.

With that in mind, Baby Hints and Tips provides the answers to just about any question you can think of.

Raising children in Australia: Everything baby

Baby Hints and Tips offers a wide range of articles focusing on everything to do with raising babies. We discuss what is and what isn’t normal when it comes to baby poo, explore the very best in products like prams and nappy bags and get real about postnatal depression.

To explore everything covered in our ‘baby’ category, follow this link. You’ll learn about baby communication, baby development, baby health, baby nutrition, baby routines, baby playtime and more! Remember, it gets easier!

Raising children in Australia: Raising toddlers

Raising toddlers? It’s one of the toughest stages but it’s absolutely beautiful at the exact same time! There are probably lots of questions you’d like REAL answers to. Our Baby Hints and Tips Reader Community often respond to questions on Facebook so if you’d like to make the most out of this website we’d recommend also following there as well.

Raising toddlers in Australia is made easier with Baby Hints and Tips! We’ve got everything you need right here. If you’re concerned about hitting and kicking, curious about the benefits of childcare or facing the uphill battle that is toilet training – we’ve got you covered!

Follow this link to find all articles related to raising toddlers in Australia.

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Raising children in Australia: Healthy, active kids

Australia is DEFINITELY made for healthy, active kids! We’ve got lots of ideas about how to keep those little minds and hands busy and motivated and we’re all about creating healthy habits to last a lifetime.

You’ll find a wide range of articles that are focused on cognitive, social and physical development in babies and toddlers. These include ideas to develop fine motor skills, the benefits of creative play for children and a guide to brushing toddler teeth!

Raising children in Australia: Siblings and multiples

At Baby Hints and Tips we couldn’t help but notice that most information online pertains to single pregnancies. Multiple births are a blessing but they’re also an entirely different kettle of fish! As a response to this, we made sure that we had plenty onsite to help out parents of multiples. We also have a range of articles that discuss sibling issues.

Raising children in Australia: Sleep

Aaaaaah, sleep! Is there any more searched term when it comes to raising children in Australia, or anywhere in the world? We want it, we need it but we’re just not sure how to GET it.

To read all of our expert opinions, community discussion and informative articles simply follow this link. Sleep is of vital importance to not only your children but to YOU as well – we hope you can find the solution you’re looking for!

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Raising children in Australia: Childcare, kindy and schooling

When it comes to raising children in Australia, the choices we make about childcare and the pre-school years are of vital importance!

We have tips on choosing the right childcare for you, coping with tears on drop off and how to manage breast-feeding with your return to work.

Raising children in Australia: Recipes, food and nutrition

Raising children and toddlers in Australia is made easier when you can actually feed them! We know that it can be tough to get kids to eat right so we make it our business to ensure we’ve got lots onsite for parents just like you!
Recipes, baby food, desserts, dinner, breakfasts, lunches, snacks, school lunches, hiding vegetables – if you can eat it, you can find it right here!

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Raising children in Australia with the Baby Hints and Tips Network

We connect you to experts, a Facebook community, bloggers and other parents JUST LIKE YOU. We’re all on this parenting journey together and learning as we go. It truly does take a village to raise a child and, if you’ve been searching for your village, you may just have found it.


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