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Baby Inkless Print Kit

inkless print kit

Taking your little one’s foot prints has never been this easy! No ink or paint, mess or fuss – the Baby Inkless Print Kit is perfect prints of your baby in seconds. Must have for the hospital bag and a great gift for new parents.

Your baby’s detailed prints are created by simply wiping over baby’s foot or hand with the non-toxic inkless wipe and gently pressing onto the magic paper. Within seconds the print magically appears while your baby’s foot stays clean and dry. Truly Amazing!

This kit enables you to take up to 4 sets of baby handprints or baby foot prints. Your precious print is permanent and can be digitally scanned for thank you cards, scrapbooking – ideal mementos for your precious baby book.

The Inkless Print System is safe and easy to use from birth and is used in maternity hospitals across the USA for newborn identification.

A welcome baby gift for any new parent!

Review by Mandy

What were your favourite features?

Easy to follow instructions and easy to use. It was a quick process with the results immediate. A wonderful piece of artwork to keep of my babies!

Would you recommend it to a friend

Definitely! Would also love to do it again once my newborn is a bit older too!

General comments about product

The Belly Art Inkless Print Kit was not only easy to use but took not time at all! The is instructions were easy to follow and agree with having two people to help as I did it on my own and found it a little difficult holding a newborn and placing his hand and foot onto the paper. The actual product design is great, no ink on the child’s hand/foot.

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