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If charting to fall pregnant (or not fall pregnant!) seems complicated, rest assured its not! Three members of the Baby Hints & Tips community trialled the product and here’s what they’ve had to say….

The product: Natural Cycles is a smart phone app that links technology with Basal Thermometer temping. It’s easy to use and provides accurate information in a simple to understand format. This information is then your basis for understanding your most fertile time and when to have sex with the aim of conception.

What do you mean to ‘not fall pregnant’? Some women have adopted this approach as a way to track when it’s best to use extra protection if they are not looking to fall pregnant.  Of course at Baby Hints and Tips we encourage you to do as much research and investigating as possible and find out what is right for you. Information is power! And that’s what Natural Cycles is all about!

Here’s what our product triallers had to say:

Shelly, 31 is ‘working on’ her first baby with her partner. They have only just started trying but she is keen to fall pregnant quickly so wants to get their baby-making as accurate as possible…

I’m super keen to be a Mum and fast! I’m not embarrassed to admit that I have wanted to be a mum for-ev-er so when we decided it was time to start trying I wanted to be pregnant immediately! Some of my friends have tried different kinds of charting so I knew that incorporating Natural Cycles into our baby making plans I’d have a more targeted and informed approach to conception. Natural Cycles was easy to use, I’m not that techy and it was still a breeze for me. I love the graphs and most of all love that big red ‘get it on’ fertility indicator. I’m hoping for a big fat positive next month, we’ve certainly appreciated bringing the smarts of technology to our baby making! Wish me luck!

Tam, 29 has two children and has gone off the pill as she felt it didn’t agree with her. Tam doesn’t want to fall pregnant but understands this is not a 100% sure method and is okay with that…

I think the Natural Cycles app is fantastic. It’s easy to use and I like that you can put as little or as much information in it as you like. The layout is clear and simple. I forgot to use it for a few days so I appreciated the gentle reminder I received. I’m excited to see there are other options out there for women who want natural choices for their body and contraception. This suited me, my personal situation and my lifestyle to a tee!

Anon, 35, has been trying to conceive for an extended period, you can read more about her journey here and here.

‘Last I shared about my Natural Cycles journey we were off to the obstetrician to talk about where to go next in our baby making plans. My ob loved the Natural Cycles info and was so impressed with the data I have collected for him he said he would recommend it to other people. The data also showed that my fertility window is very short and not that consistent month to month. This was disappointing but also showed that we have a hurdle we can now manage – no more shooting in the dark for us! With Clomid we will regulate the cycles and our odds will be highly increased. Natural Cycles has put us in good stead for a baby, will continue to use it in conjunction with our obs advice. It really was the key to use knowing what we were facing.

If you’d like to try temping, charting and getting pregnant with the help of Natural Cycles they have a free trial for one month or a 12-month subscription for $79 including your basal thermometer.

PS – if you’d like to try Natural Cycles with me they have given Baby Hints & Tips readers a 50% off code and a free $40 RRP thermometer! Use the code BABY2NC

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