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Shoezooz Shoe Labels – Toddler Product Review

shoezoozby Kristin

Miss 3.5 loves all things to do with learning, so learning which foot to put her shoes on was a new challenge for her. It’s difficult because there’s no set rule like ‘pictures on the outside’ etc so we had to try and make up stories for each of her shoes. This didn’t last long because she couldn’t remember the stories…

Then we moved onto trying to teach her that the indent goes on the inside of the foot, but when she’d look at the bottom of the shoe figure it out then flip it over we were back to square one.

I saw Shoezooz & instantly thought, I HAVE to try these. From the get-go everything was easy; ordering, prompt replies and super fast shipping meant I had them ready to trial in as little as three days after ordering. As I’m not entirely the most patient person, this was fantastic.

Once Miss 3.5 and I had 10 minutes free we decided to get all her shoes together and start sticking them on the insoles, involving her made her super excited to start using them. It was a little difficult getting them into the gumboots but there was no getting around that anyway, the other shoes however were a breeze. I recommend giving them all a quick clean first, little miss LOVES the sand pit so we have sand in ALL our shoes, and like any stickers sand underneath means they won’t stick very well, but on a clean insole they stuck fabulously.

We’ve now been using them for a little over a week and we have almost got the ‘right feet’ down pat. Miss 3.5 loves them and is constantly showing anyone that will listen. I’ve now got numerous day care parents enquiring about these little beauties and I’ll most definitely be referring Shoezooz to anyone teaching their children how to identify which shoe goes on what foot.

Absolute ingenuous product and a very very happy customer.

Purchase these beauties here: http://tiptoeandco.com.au/shoezooz/

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