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School holiday activities in Sydney

15 fun ways to keep your kids busy these holidays

School holidays are the perfect chance to throw schedules out the door. Keep the mood relaxed but take the chance to lap up what’s on offer in and around Sydney.

New experiences are fantastic for kids and adults alike. Here a few good reasons to get out of the house;

–   As an adult finding a new location can fill one with a feeling of achievement, especially when the family arrives all in one piece. Remember that the journey is part of the anticipation and thrill for kids. Whilst the ferry, bus, train or car trip may be run of the mill for an adult, it may be the highlight of the day for a child.

–      Challenging one’s comfort zone by trying something different can build resilience and foster a sense of adventure. Role model positive risk taking and your children will be more inclined to have a go no matter what the situation.

–      Stimulating one’s senses can be invigorating. Get outdoors to see and feel new things. Or get those taste buds jumping with home cooking or a special treat to an eatery.

To give you a head start on the school holidays, here are a heap of fun ways to get the kids busy;

School holiday activities Sydney


  1. Yoga is a great way to for the family to get into the chill zone, without becoming couch zombies in front of the television. Not confident following an instructional video? Try Yoganic’s school holiday classes for parents with crawlers to 18 month olds, or 18 month to 3 year olds.
  2. Jumping burns excess energy quickly. Drag a mattress into the living room and stack it with all the pillows and cushions you possess. Move any dangerous objects and let the fun begin. If you struggle with such recklessness, make a coffee and head to another room. Still not comfortable? Head to Sky Zone Trampoline Park for a jumping session. Little leapers is a kids session for 5 years and under.
  3. Kids love cooking. If you don’t like the thought of the inevitable spills and mess, think of the activity as an opportunity to teach your child an important life skill. Kids also relish the chance to demonstrate that they are responsible – let them have a go at making their own breakfast on the school holidays when you don’t need to rush out the door.


  1. Gardening can seem like a chore but kids enjoy tasks that involve getting a little bit grubby. We don’t all have the time to cultivate a veggie patch in our backyards, but there are plenty of community gardens that welcome new families.
  2. Enjoy that newly tended garden by throwing down a blanket and having a tea party. Extend the invite to the stuffed members of the family – teddy will love getting some sunshine and vitamin D.
  3. Parents who organise a strenuous activity in the morning often reap the benefits of having kids who need to nap in the afternoon or go to bed early. Bike riding is at Sydney Park Bike Track is perfect for getting little bodies exhausted. It’s suitable for riders of all abilities.


  1. Keep your kids minds active with a trip to a museum. Exhibitions are no longer static, and offer a multitude of interactive activities. Trailblazers is the latest exhibition on offer at the Australian Museum. It even boasts a mobile phone app for the kids.
  2. What kid doesn’t dream of being a space explorer? Head to the Sydney Observatory for a kids extravaganza on all things space. Suitable for 3 to 8 year olds.
  3. Nature is a great place for honing inquiry skills. There are plenty of free resources to be found on government websites. You will be surprised by the diversity of life in your own backyard or local park. Want to broaden your kid’s perspective and knowledge of their natural surroundings? Head to a nature sanctuary or discovery centre. Birdlife Australia has a discovery centre at Sydney Olympic Park that boasts its own Eagle CAM.


  1. Head out of the city or suburbs, find a farmstay, and reconnect with our rural landscape and agricultural industry. The kids will be in heaven surrounded by farm animals. Barcoos Farmstay is one of many great options.
  2. Wilderquest is a brilliant package offered by the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Services. One aspect of the packed is a web and social media platform that offers award-winning education resources. Another aspect of the package is exciting adventures in national parks during the school holidays.
  3. Looking for even more adventure, head to the local beach for swimming and snorkelling. Or slip and slide at Jamberoo Action Park.


  1. Are your kids climbing dare devils? Blow them away with altitude at the Sydney Tower Buffet.
  2. Are your kids bugging you for a furry addition to the family? Catmosphere cafe may buy you some time, or not. Bookings are essential. Coffee and cookies with the catstronauts is suitable for kids between the years of 4 and 10.
  3. Exhausted and need a pick me up. Grab your breath and a coffee at Crayz Espresso while the kids are amused in a colourful playroom.

Note this is a sponsored post by Accor Hotels.

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