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School Routine (Custom)What is your routine for school and how do you stick to it?

  • My kids have a chart up of what to do in the morning. Breakfast, get dressed, clean teeth, do hair, make bed, have fish oil caps, do dishes, pack away toys, put shoes on, get bag ready. When everything is done they can sit and watch tv till we leave. My alarm goes off at 7.45 and everything has to be done by then. If not they lose 5 mins of Xbox time for every 5 mins extra it takes them. (They start with 30 mins xbox time per day which they can play after homework ) Juanita
  • Continually yelling “move it! Hurry up! Get dressed eat your breakfast, you’re going to miss the bus!!! Sherree
  • Breakfast, teeth, uniforms, pack lunch box into bag. If everyone has done everything, then and only then can the cartoons come on until we leave. eta: I’ve got 3 in school (+1 at home) this year. Karina
  • I have kids in yrs 3,2,1 & preschool!!!! Plus 3 more that need to come along for the ride!!!! We do home work at 3:30pm dinner at 5pm bath at 7pm bed at 7:45pm then I’m up at 6:30am making lunches and packing bags, I wake the school aged kids at 7am for breaky than they get dressed at 7:45-8am and we r usually out the door by 8:15am . Big believer in routine,here!!!! Kellie
  • I made a chart for the fridge this year with breakfast, make bed, etc & the kids put a magnet beside each one when it’s been done. We needed a routine as all 3 are at school this year. Kasey
  • I have 4 kids and late last year with a BF newborn my routine was get them all fe, dressed and TRY to get to the school by 9am lol but generally its up at 7:30 older kids dressed, brekky at 8am while I make lunch, teeth at 8:15 pack bag, dress younger kids and out the door at 8:40 to walk to the school. And now that I’m in routine with BF baby it will go back to that and add second eldest child off to kinder 3 days a week.. Bek
  • Kids spend ages getting dressed, even longer eating breakfast while they argue about something irrelevant with each other, teeth, hair, lunch in bag, then can play with dogs or outside till we leave. Sarah
  • By the time all six of us are fed and dressed and lunch made we’re practicaly late… Lol Nicole
  • Up at 630am, jobs (feeding animals, making beds etc), breakfast, shower, dressed, teeth, deodorant (always need to remind), pack bag. I make and pack lunches…out the door to walk to Bus stop at 740am… Kimberley
  • We do distance education here (school of the air) so really important to have a routine even though we don’t leave home or need packed lunches. I found alarm clocks great for older kids and having a set list of jobs. Kristy
  • Our school routine always starts the evening before. We have three in school and two little ones who have to come along! Routine is KEY to making it all work! We get home, have a snack, do homework then play time while I finish getting dinner organised. Then it is showers/baths, dinner, teeth and into bed by 7.30. My big kids get to read until 8, the little ones go off to sleep pretty quickly but all are in bed by 7.30. When they are in bed, we clean up dinner dishes and make lunches. The kids have a box on a shelf each for homework, hat, lunch box, drink bottle so that everything can be located easily in the morning. Then it is up at 6.30, dressed, breakfast, hair, teeth, beds made and bags packed. If they are ready quickly, then they can play outdoors until it is time to head out the door at 7.45! Rebekah
  • My son just started prep today and I have a 5 month old that’s breast fed so I get my preppie up at 7 make him breakfast then bub wakes so I feed her while he has breakfast then teeth and get dressed we have a race to see who gets dressed first then pretty much straight to school as he starts at 8.30 Stacey
  • Wake up at 7, threaten with no tv until dressed and has eaten breakfast. Make bottle for baby, get changed, remind child about previous threat. Change baby, make lunch if I didn’t the night before, turn off tv and drag kid in room to get dressed, do hair, pack bag, put baby in pram and finally walk to school hopefully by 815 at the latest (20 minute walk) Hailey
  • Bath, teeth/hair, dressed, breakfast, I prepare lunches the night before, pack bag… (I have one in school but two others I have to get ready too)… Then once it’s time leave… Shawtty
  • Breakfast get dressed make beds brush teeth finish homework pack school bags put at door quiet time till time to leave. Kerstie
  • As much is done the night before as possible for the morning preparation. So night before homework done, bag is packed, uniforms are out & lunch is made. Morning of school up at 7-7:30, breakfast/meds/multis/fish oil, brush teeth, (if he wants a shower & there’s time he has one- this is maybe 1-2 times a week as showers are generally at night), get dressed, shoes on & out the door by 8:35-8:40. Well oiled machine here lol but I’m due to have a baby in March so let’s see how that routine goes when we throw a baby into the mix haha lol Jess

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