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Shettles Method Of Conception

Shettles Method explained

The main recommendation in the Shettles method of contraception is about timing intercourse around ovulation to increase your odds to conceive a girl or boy.  This was published in a book called “How to choose the sex of your baby” and was written by Landrum B Shettles.  The book suggests to increase the odds of conceiving a boy it is suggested to have sex 12 hours before ovulation.  For increasing the odds of conceiving a girl you need to have sex 2-4 days before ovulation.

shettles method

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Experiences with Shettles Method

Wanting to know if anyone has used the Shettles method to conceive a desired sex of their baby (timing ovulation) If so did it work?

  • The first time I used this method for a boy it worked. The second time we used it to get a girl and it didn’t work. Katrina
  • Is very hard to use this for getting a girl, need to try 3+ days before ovulation then abstain. You will need months to continually try. To get a boy is easier, you are trying to have sex as close to ovulation as possible. Still just a luck of the draw! The successful ones will always claim this is the reason they got what they wanted, maybe, but no scientific proof really Carla
  • Yes for a boy and it worked Rachael
  • Yes it worked for us for a girl. Timing is everything! Jenna
  • Yes for a boy and it worked Cassie
  • No, my two boys should have been girls according to timing Skye
  • The gender of the baby is determined by the males. The warmth/coolness of their sperm is what effects the end result. From my understanding the warmer the sperm/scrotum (from being kept in underwear etc) more likely to produce girls, but your body can also favour one gender over the other. The body is a fascinating thing. Sharon
  • Yes it worked for me, I conceived a boy after having a little girl first Kaitlyn
  • Yes! And it worked, my partner and I had 4 boys. I did sooooooooo much research on gender swaying to increase our chances on having a girl and we decided to go with the shettles method. We gambled and we won! Melody
  • Worked for me too! We got a little girl after having a boy first time round – definitely need to pay attention to the timing. Candice
  • We tried and no it didn’t work Kim
  • That is how I got my boy after 2 girls. I believe its easier to try for a boy that way then for a girl. Caitlin
  • I had three girls, all conceived at the time you’d expect a boy via the shettles method. Some people only make make one sex of child. Sandra
  • It is actually easier to try for a boy because the human sex ratio at birth is generally higher for boys. (106 boys for every 100 girls). There isn’t really a scientific reason for this, my biology lecture had a theory that perhaps Y chromosome sperm are slightly faster! I think at the end of the day it’s pot luck and you obviously have a 50/50 chance. Kirstie
  • Sort of. And yes it worked Bethanie
  • Shettles method has been completely disproven. Scientists have proven that equal numbers of both genders are conceived on every day. If you want the best up to date scientifically supported methods to attempt to sway the odds in favor of one gender I suggest you check out the website ‪genderdreaming.com as a lot of things you will hear are no more than old wives tales! ! Ie there has never been a known case of a man only producing one gender of sperm or even having more of one than the other and while it is the sperm that determines gender it is the egg which decides which sperm to accept so gender is ultimately decided more by the woman’s body. Biology fascinates me Melissa
  • Yes it worked for, conceived a boy after having a girl first Alana
  • My SO and I were hoping for a girl. As we know that the life span of males are less time yet stronger swimmers, I tried to time it that I would be in full ovulation when the slow female sperm were arriving and the males had died off….. Expecting a little girl. Kayla
  • Yep and it worked for us we have a boy and a girl Emma
  • After 3 boys.. my husband and I tried ovulation timing for a daughter… it worked… we had our little girl 11 weeks ago. Brodie
  • Shettles method has many flaws. If your TTC a girl I would suggests researching the O+12 method and joining a site called ingender for a lot of other great info Kellie
  • After two girls. .. worked for us. cervical mucus (environment in your vagina) is one of the main things to take note of like ph levels Amber
  • I had 3 boys so wanted to try for a girl for the next baby. We tried the shettles method and I’m not too sure if it worked or not but we ended up with a girl Bianca
  • Used the Shettles method twice. Both times we got the opposite of what we tried for hahaha very happy with what we have, in the end it doesn’t matter at all. Pamela
  • Have sex a a day before ovulation for girl as ‘girl sperm’ X chromosome is stronger and will survive longer where as ‘boy sperm’ Y chromosome is faster and will get to the egg quicker so if you want a boy have sex on the day. Kimberley
  • Good luck lol there are too many variables that come into play. Read all about this method and others. I’ve been trying for a girl. … Let’s just say I’ve got three boys. Does this answer your question lol. Melissa
  • Yes it worked for me. I used a combination of shettles and diet (you can google it) to have a girl. You may also want to try the chinese calendar. Sally
  • You have a 50/50 chance it will work. Good odds. Lol. Nikki
  • I used it to have a girl & it worked Della
  • Yes worked both times. First for a boy and second for a girl Amy
  • Didn’t work for me in trying for a girl after 2 boys. Stopped dtd 4 days out from ovulation & our third boy arrived 11wks ago My friend tried 0+12 & got a girl after 2 boys. Danielle

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