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Snack ideas for 3 Year Olds

healthy snack ideas for 3 year oldsSnacks! Any homemade recommendations for some tasty snacks suitable for a 3 year old? We’re getting quite tired of fruit, yogurt, carrot & celery, muesli bars, sultanas…. Any other (healthy) ideas?

  •  Banana muffins are a hit in our house( i freeze them then take one each out in the morning and they are ready for morning tea) plus i keep sakatas in the lttle little clip lock containers for a quick snack as well as nuts, cheese and cherry tomatoes, and strawberries ( my kids are snackers wont eat big meals) so there’s no hassles when they ask for food all day long.   Jasmine
  •  Pikelets (flour, milk, egg), hummus and crackers, scones.   Kate
  •  Homemade pita chips (Lebanese or pita bread grilled in the oven for a few minutes then broken up) with avocado and tomato cut up into a chunky salsa with some cheese. I also do quesadillas with these ingredients.   Jackie
  •  Favs at our house are Rice cakes & crackers, banana muffins, cheese, cruskitts with spreads & pop corn.   Grae
  •  Hard boiled eggs cut into quarters, dry cereal, homemade mini quiches/sausage rolls/healthy biscuit recipes that you could make together and eat, etc etc    Katy
  •  I make mini quiches or sausage rolls packed full of veg.   Chantelle
  •  I make home made mini quiches and sausage rolls full of grated vegetables.   Emily
  •  Maybe you can make up some mini quiches? They seem to go down quite well with little ones.   Alana
  •  I make my daughter mini muffins with chopped/grated fruit or veggies in them – she loves them, and you know exactly what’s going in them. She also loves cheese cubes with sliced ham as a snack, as well as warmed baked beans.   Hayley
  •  We make banana pancakes. Just mix one egg and one mashed banana. You can add honey for sweetness.   Cassie
  •  Haven’t read all the answers so sorry if I double up, savoury muffins, air popped popcorn, mini quiches, fruit muffins, banana bread, cheese and herb scones, just a few off the too of my head.   Lauren
  •  Corn fritters-egg, corn, flour, cheese ( we add zucchini, peas and chives too.) make them little so they are more fun! Tiger toast- make toast with Vegemite and put thin strips of cheese on it. Biscuits and hommus or guacamole.   Ashlee
  •  Avocado, toast soldiers & avo, cheese/vegimite. hard boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, home made fruit iceblocks.   Nat
  •  Cheese and vegemite crackers. Cucumber and ham sandwhich. Banana dipped in yoghurt then sprinkles and freeze (banana ice pops). watermelon ice pops (dice up and blitz the watermelon to pulp the freeze). Fruit salad ice pop (mixed fruit diced up and place in a freezeable cup or ice pop tray, cover with water or diluted juice). Banana blueberry wholemeal muffins. Avocado sushi (boil white rice until soft and gluggy. let cool a little. place on your nori sheet (seaweed) and spread out an even layer (about 1/2cm thick. slice avocado and place on the rice. roll up tight and the slice into small rounds). Home made healthy icecream (1 cup greek yoghurt, 1 TBSP honey (can leave out), 1 cup of frozen fruit of your choice. Add to blender and blitz. serve in a cone or cup. can be used as a special snack treat). Fruity cheese kebab (dice up fruit and chees and thread onto a small skewer in a pretty pattern.).   Monique
  •  Rice or corn cakes – not homemade, but pretty good for you. Air popped pop-corn – u can do it in a popcorn maker, fry pan or microwave, cheese & vegemite scrolls or pizza scrolls, savoury muffins (Stay at Home Mum have some great recipes), cheese & crackers, veggie sticks and hommus.   Kylie
  •  I make whole meal banana and blueberry muffins. Supper quick and easy to make and you can freeze them too. My son loves them. Sara
  •  Banana pancakes. 1 banana 1 egg and a pinch of cinnamon. Blend it together and cook like pancakes my dd loves them.   Taryn
  •  Muffins, zucchini slice, you can make your own fruit roll ups with no sugar too.   Cyrene



What id your 3 year olds favourite snack, comment below


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