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Stopping breastfeeding with medication

Close-up of woman taking pillHas anyone chosen not to breast feed and taken the tablet to stop your milk from coming in? If so were you happy with your choice and how did your baby respond to formula?

  • After 3 weeks of excruciating pain trying to breastfeed, I gave up. I took the tablet to stop my milk and swapped to formula. My baby is fine, more than fine actually! 8kg at 3.5 months old, always smiling and I am much much happier. I was sad I couldn’t breastfeed successfully but it was altering my relationship with my baby. Happy mummy = Happy baby (with breast milk OR formula!!). Breast milk may be healthier than formula but do you know what’s healthier? LOVE AND SMILES :))) Lea
  • I think if you’re asking the question then you already have your own doubts? It’s your own decision and not something else other ppl should influence. But if you’re not 100% sure or adamant, then why don’t you just try to BF, and if it doesn’t work for you then take the right steps. Much less risk of regret and guilt that way. It’s a pretty special time between a mum and baby, and worth the original challenges. Just my opinion. Jessica
  • Why not give breast feeding a go first. It’s tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s fabulous. So much easier to just pop bubs on in the middle of the night or when your out and about rather than washing, sterilising bottles, carrying bottles, formula etc everywhere. If your pondering not feeding due to fears I would suggest talking to the Aus breast feeding association to answer any questions you have and put any fears into perspective. Best of luck Serena
  • I chose not to breastfeed my son due to alot of stress depression and not thinking clearly at the time he responded fine it was all he knew so no probs at all I didnt take any tablets though and did wish I had given it a go later when I was feeling better so its not a decision to make lightly and has alot of cost involved over that first year of life Amanda
  • I definitely recommend trying to bf first and see how you go, the first 6 weeks are the hardest and I wanted to quit many times but I’m so glad I stuck to it, 11 month old and still going. But each to their own. And every baby is different. Tracey
  • I didn’t necessarily choose not to breast feed my 5th baby but she was tongue tied and couldn’t latch on so she’s been on formula since birth and has grown and developed just as well as my other 4 who were breast fed. Whatever u chose to do is up to u and nobody should tell u otherwise! Ur baby will be fine on formula! Nicole
  • Yes I did and was very happy. I have 3 kids and tried bf first lasted 2 months but was bf and ff. my 2nd I lasted 9 days and 3rd was put straight on bottle from birth all had SMA formula and all coped fine they thrived on the bottle zip just couldn’t get hang bf and felt very uncomfortable . Rebecca
  • I chose not to breastfeed after 6 days of breastfeeding. I just cut down his feeds and swapped him to formula and he was fine. He sleeps heaps better on formula which is amazing. He’s now 4 weeks old and sleeps 8 hours at night. I didn’t get tablets, I just let my milk go away on its own, it’s now almost non existent. I wish I could go back in time and try breastfeeding for longer, I do, in ways regret my decision. Deanna
  • I was unsuccessful in breast feeding I have a four month old boy who is formula fed. I’ve been giving him Nans HA gold 1 and his been happy with it Mary
  • Shannon they look at you more when it’s your breast that your pulling out. Trust me. Just saying. If this Mumma is trying to decided to bf or not and someone’s post on here can help her make that decision then that’s great. I don’t think that chart is being harsh or demeaning it is just facts. Both formula and breast feeding have pro’s and con’s but its not a decision to be taken lightly or without facts and both views. No one seems to be debating either way. Lana
  • Yes I did. It was the smallest pill you will ever take and it does the job. Not to breastfeed and formula feed was obviously a personal choice and respected by the hospital I was at as I know some can be pushy. My baby is now almost 5 months old and after being born only 2.9kg is now thriving in the top percentiles with her weight and measurements. I chose to feed her NAN and it was fine…feeding her has never been a problem Helen
  • Yes I choose not to breastfeed and I formula feeding from day 1 I did make this choice wen pregnant but didn’t not use anything to stop milk coming in it will dry up with in a few wks if not used I’m am very happy with my choice and my baby thrives she is now 18 months Best advice I can give if u don’t want to for wat ever reasons don’t let anyone try to talk u in to something u don’t want be strong and u and bubs will do great x Kelly
  • I was hesitant about breastfeeding at first but it is absolutely the best thing you can feed your baby. It’s free, nutritionally perfect, helps you loose weight and it’s not always as difficult as it may seem. I found it very easy to feed my two girls. Formula designed to be used when a baby has no access to breast milk. Do some research, the ABA are wonderful and a councillor will be able to talk to you and work through what you are feeling so nervous about. Don’t give up on it, it’s really wonderful. Jessica
  • I respect your decisions and this is based on my personal experience. I have 3 children and I struggled to feed my first two and I put then on formula at 4/6 weeks old. My third child took to it like a duck to water and we are now at 21 mths still feeding and there have been a few differences. My breastfed baby was more content. She didn’t get sick in her first year and a half. We are closer. The bond we have is amazing. She slept great. My formula fed babies also thrived and we too had an amazing bond but the experience of bfing has been wonderful. I will never regret trying to feed my babies and not being successful but I think I would regret not even trying. As stated it is a very personal choice and many women can not or choose not to breastfeed for various reasons. All I’m trying to say is try, give it a month if its not for you then formula is there ready to go. Good luck and remember make sure when you make your decision to be content and happy. Congratulations on your impeding bubby. Lana
  • I decided against breastfeeding early on in my pregnancy. After a difficult labour and delivery I was only happy for my husband to give my baby his first feed. Best thing, how many dads get to give bub their first feed. He took formula really well as he didn’t know different. I had the meds that stop milk coming in was great no side effect. Good luck xx Ash
  • I am about to have my fourth baby and I have chosen to bottle feed all of my babies. Babies have thrived and have had no issues just as I have had no issues giving them a bottle. Hard thing is dealing with other judgemental parents. As long as baby is fed well and you are doing okay never worry about the decision. And if you decide to bottle feed do not listen to the crap about missing out on bonding. Enjoy every moment with new baby. Every moment is a bonding moment and has nothing to do with if you breastfeed or not Skye
  • I chose to formula feed and have absolutely no regrets! Bub didn’t respond well to the first formula we tried but is happy and thriving on the second one… He’s a proper chubba! My hospital didn’t offer the tablet so I had to let my milk come through but it was come and gone in a day or two without any problems. Amanda
  • I took the tablet to dry up my milk, it was fine put bubs on formula and he hasn’t looked back Nicole
  • With both my babies my milk did not come in so they both went straight onto formula. They both went very well and I’ve had no problems at all. I know exactly how much they are getting and they are getting everything they need. Kiri
  • I breast fed no1 for 2 weeks, no2 for 3 days and no3 for 1 day. All took to formular right away. My milk came in I just let it dry up by itself. Hurt for a few days when my boobs where really hard but just wore breast pads and never let hot water on them. After a week or so was all gone all 3 times. I am 37 weeks pregnant and booked for induction next week and am expressing now as I have diabetes and bub may need the extra milk. I always have an open mind. Always try breast feeding but always am prepared with nan ha formular. Kelly
  • I formula fed my first born. I didnt take anything to stop the milk, my son was born on a monday and my milk came in on the thursday. I just wore breast pads until it was gone. I only had pain on the thursday, my breasts were extremely hard and it hurt to touch them. Was gone within a few days. Jessica
  • After thinking we had finished our family, I had a breast lift and augmentation to correct the affect of years of breast feeding and weight fluctuation. About a year later we found out I was pregnant again. I chose not to breastfeed this time. My Doc gave me tablets to take the day after bub was born. I had no pain or discomfort and bub took to formula straight away. He had his first bottle not quite an hour after birth. We still had skin to skin contact and beautiful bonding time. I took all my own sterilised bottles with boiled water ready to go. Georgia
  • Tried to bf for the first 4 hours and he wouldn’t latch and we were both getting overly stressed. We had chosen formula anyway (but I had to try to bf for myself). He was a happy healthy feeder, every 4 hours, no reflux, wind or digestive problems. We used aptimal gold plus ah and the avent bottles. I also ssinf take a tablet to stop my milk coming in. By day 4 my breasts were huge but I didn’t touch them and my milk just dried up within a few days. Minimal leakage! Melissa

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