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9 Summer and home safety tips

Expert tips by Homesafe Kids

With summer in full swing, most families are run off their feet at this time of year, entertaining guests and spending time outdoors. But don’t forget to look at things through a child’s eyes!  Homesafe Kids has some tips to ensure it’s a happy season for all:

1. It goes without saying that when out shopping, never leave your children in the car. On a hot day, temperatures inside a vehicle can double the degrees outside and many kids have died as a result. Even if you plan on popping into a store for only 5 minutes, always take your babies with you.

2. After giving the house a good scrub in preparation for guests, don’t forget to put away all cleaning products in a place that cannot be reached by children. If possible, keep the products locked up, along with medicines, as you can never underestimate kids’ curiosity!

3. At this hot time of year, windows are likely to opened and cooling devices in use. Make sure panes cannot be opened more than 125mm, or have secure fly screens, to prevent children from falling out. Also ensure that fans are kept well out of reach of young hands, and exercise the necessary caution when using electrical items.

4. If you plan to entertain outdoors, give the area a thorough inspection. Check that decks are not rickety, pools or water features are fenced off and gates leading to roads or driveways are kept shut at all times.

5. Children love to explore and climb, so keep the house as hazard-free as possible. Make that tall, free-standing objects (bookcases, chests of drawers, TVs, etc.) are secure.

6. Most of us enjoy indulging in a tipple at this time of year, and just because there are children around, doesn’t mean abstinence. Simply make sure that alcohol is stored well away from children at all times and any spills are mopped up immediately.

7. Avoid using table cloths, as toddlers will often pull on them and send food and crockery flying – not to mention scald themselves with boiling water and hot sauces. If you must use one, ensure it does not have any flaps hanging down.

8. If you will be using candles to give your house some ambience, never leave children unsupervised around the flame. Likewise, be careful around stovetops and ovens. Remove all burning hazards and keep a fire blanket handy, just in case. Check that your smoke alarms are in working condition.

9. It’s likely that your children will be socialising with people of all ages over the summer period. Keep your eyes peeled for any un-baby-friendly items, including things with choking hazards or sharp objects, and make sure they are kept out of children’s way.

Homesafe Kids has been established in conjunction with Kidsafe Vic to help you make your home safer for your children and those of your relatives and friends. Feel free to email them at [email protected], visit them on facebook or twitter, or call 1300 88 SAFE.

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