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Starting school checklist

Back to School Checklist

There are a number of things that can make the new school year begin smoothly. Here are some hints and tips to help you get organised and keep the stress to a minimum.

Bright Star Kids labels for School

Bright Star Kids labels make going back to school a breeze. Never lose a school item again with the easy to use and gorgeously designed labels.

Back to school lunchbox ideas

Last minute back to school baking

Looking for some back to school lunch box recipe ideas? We have some yummy options that wont take you long to whip up for the kids. Plus they will love these tasty treats!

Back to School Organisation

Ideas for Back to School Organisation? Here’s the 21 Best of the Best Hacks!

Make getting the kids ready for school a breeze with our 21 of the best inspiration and ideas for back to school organisation.

First day of kind ideas

8 adorable first and last day of kindy ideas

School is back and we have all the inspiration you need for recording those school milestones from the first day of kindy to the last day of year 12.

school supplies

Saving on School Supplies

Saving on school supplies. Get organised for back to school with some tips to save with school supply purchases

smiggle prize pack

Smiggles Prize Pack – closed

Smiggle makes heading back to school a giggle. Looking to start the school year with a smile and a giggle? Smiggle has a whole collection of really cool stationery, on-trend …

Décor Lunchbox Pack Up For Grabs

We are giving away 5 Décor lunch packs worth $19.95 each to help you get ready for school or the perfect lunch box for outings for younger kids. Perfect for …

Back To School? Tips to get organised for kindy

Back To School? Tips to get organised for kindy

Handy tips to get organised for kindy.

7 Ways to a Stress Free School Term

Stress Free School Term – 7 tips to minimise your stress and get organised this school year.

crying at school drop off

Ending Crying At School Morning Drop Off

Expert tips: Tears at school drop off? Lynn, a teacher, shares some tips to help with ending crying at school drop off

starting school

A Letter to My Child Starting School

Today we share a beautiful letter penned by a mum to her son, who is starting school this month. Get the tissues ready, Erinne Sullivan will hit the waterworks button …

lunchbox for kids

School Lunch Ideas – Success in 5 Simple Tips!

School Lunch Ideas Did you know that in a primary school cycle you will make over 1500 school lunches? Heading back into the school routine after such a long break …

first day of school printable

Back To School: Printable Check List

Back to School Tips The school year is almost upon us once again as summer holidays draw to a close. Whether you’ll be sobbing at the gate with a tissue …

School Organisation – 5 Expert Tips

School Organisation I am so excited, my own eldest child starts big school in less than 2 weeks (I’m also getting a bit sad as I will miss my funny …

Getting older children ready for school routine

Q&A: How do you get older children back into a routine ready for school again?

Purchasing School Supplies

Q&A: Where do you purchase all your kids school supplies each year? What seems to be the most cost effective option?

School Routine

Q&A: What is your routine for school and how do you stick to it?

Headlice Prevention

Headlice seem to go hand in hand with daycare or school. Prevention is always better than a cure, so unless you want to shave your child’s head, check out the tips here.

prepare for school

Back to school tips: 10 ideas to create a smooth transition

Starting school is an exciting time for both parents and children, but also a chance for children to become more independent and learn how to do new things. Preparation in the school holidays can help the transition for school become smoother and will help children feel more confident about being away from home and willing to embrace school enthusiastically.

baby routine with school run

Babies and School Routine

Q&A:  I’m after some hints from mummies with baby’s and kids at school… My dd who’s 6 months is struggling with the school routine… 8.30 drop off 2.55 leave for pick up… She’s normally busting to go down at 8 and fast asleep at 3! Any hints?