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Just Born Photography by Shannon Jensen

Breathtaking ‘Just Born’ Photography by Shannon Jensen

We love birth and Just Born Photography is an incredible example of beautiful, moving images. Birth photography is a special genre. It just makes you feel a certain way. Tingles. Goose bumps. …

Amazing Birth Photography by Allison Cox

There’s nothing more powerful, more amazing or more primal than giving birth. Allison Cox has captured the elation, the pain, the tears and the triumphs in a series of  photos …

Amazing Birth Photography by Meaghan Milne

Birth Phototgraphy: Meaghan Milne shares images from her amazing birth photography that will make you feel like you are at the birth

amazing birth photos

Amazing, heart-stopping birth photos by Laura Elie

Amazing birth photos that capture the pure emotion of birth and will make you reflect on your birth experience or imagine what birth would be like