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Pregnancy Planning Checklist

Pregnancy Planning Checklist

Falling pregnant is an exciting time but it is also scary when you start worrying about all that could go wrong.  There are lots of things you can do to minimise risk to baby and do your best to ensure a healthy pregnancy.


Spring Cleaning Challenge

Welcome to our Spring Clean Challenge!

Healthy Body Healthy Mind 30 Day Challenge

We spend SO much time looking after other people once we become parents that some times we forget to stop and look after ourselves.  This challenge is about taking a few minutes to look after body and mind.

10 tips to find time to exercise

As busy mums we tend to put ourselves last on the needs list and if we already manage to squeeze exercise in it is our workout session that is the first to get pushed to one side if anything else crops up. Lorraine from Pregnancy Exercise has some great tips to help get you moving and stay moving.

Yoga for Busy Mums

Yoga can add such amazing benefits to your daily life by releasing stress, helping you stay focused, regulating your nervous system and making you calmer. However with little ones it is often challenging finding the time to do something for yourself.

Meditation for busy mums

Being a busy mum can mean your mind is continually racing and you never find time to stop. Finding time to meditate can help you slow down, improve your concentration and calm your mind.  Meditation can help you decrease stress and anxiety.


Spring Clean Challenge Week 2

This week we are focusing on the bathroom, laundry and outside areas

Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 3

This week we are focussing on bedrooms and general areas

spring clean

Spring Clean Challenge Week 1

The first week we will be working on the kitchen.

Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 4

This week we are targeting the living areas and toys