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sex for new dads

Sex For New Dads… Or The Lack of it!

Sex for New Dads (or lack of it). Chris shares the reasons why your sex life after baby has fizzled and some great tips to get it back on track.

Working away: tips to survive missing your kids

Working away: tips to survive missing your kids

Find practical tips that help you keep connected to your kids when you work away.

Valentine's Day - URGH!

Valentine’s Day – URGH!

Want a love story with a difference? Chris Gable does not disappoint with his take on Valentine’s Day.

dad's role in childbirth

Dad: How to be helpful at your child’s birth!

Dad’s Role in Childbirth – Our resident daddy blogger, Chris, shares a poem about how dad’s role in childbirth

my vasectomy story

Dads & Vasectomy: I got the snip & survived!

“My Vasectomy Story” Chris shares from first appointment until the snip.From the consultation, the day of surgery and recovery. He got the snip and survived

chris gable watch you grow

Chris Gable – Watch You Grow

Mother’s Day video by Chris Gable about watching his kids grow

dads and newborns

Dads and Newborns: How To Connect

If you’re a brand new Dad finding it difficult to connect with your newborn, you’re not alone. It’s an extremely common way to feel in the first month or two, …

Making Music Part of Your Child’s Life

Chris shares how to make music for kids an important part of their lives and shares tips to help inspire your kids to love music

Dads and Birth: What it was Really Like

Dads and Birth: What it was Really Like

Blog – The biggest and best surprise, however, was just how GOOD it is being a Dad. My wife and I were very happy before having kids – careers, lots of travel, good friends & good times – but it just doesn’t begin to compare to what we have now.