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Great Dad? Stop congratulating my husband for parenting

Great Dad? Stop congratulating my husband for parenting

This blogger doesn’t tread lightly when she discusses what makes a great Dad.

4 of the best things about being a Dad

“So, having a child changes your life, that’s a given. There’s plenty of lists out there with the same heartwarming messages and extreme focus on how your life will never be the same. My experience was great, parenting has been so much easier than expected and it’s come with some awesome perks that I don’t really see mentioned anywhere…”

Lessons in being a cool dad

Lessons in being a cool dad, as taught by The Simpsons.

Packing Man Bags: Creating a man space

Chris explains why his man-cave is an important part of finding time for himself now that he is a Dad.

Packing Man Bags: The good side to food intolerances

Often a diagnosis of food intolerance in our children can be a cause of stress and worry, but as Chris reveals it isn’t all bad. Here he reflects on the positive ways it has impacted on their family.

6 Parenting Tips for All Dads

Darrell‘s list of the six things that he believes are the most important parts of being a good and hands-on Dad, and why Mum needs to let go sometimes.

Dads are Parents too

Fathers are often (unintentionally) forgotten when it comes to raising our children in today’s ‘mother’s world’ society, but they are equally as important in our little one’s lives. Darrell shares his thoughts and experiences as a hands-on Dad in today’s society, and why he thinks things need to change.