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making mummy friends

How not to make friends with other mothers

Making mummy friends – How to make friends with other mothers. 5 tips to help you make a new circle of friends with your children’s parents

Judgement Free Zone, please shut the gate!

NO more mummy judgement. Lynn, found a sign at her local park stating ‘no technology beyond this point’. Read her reaction towards the judgmental sign.

working mum blog

Mummy has a career…. deal with it haters!

There is simply no end to the reasons people criticise mothers… You don’t breastfeed? You selfish, shallow beast. You don’t buy organic meat? You’re poisoning your children with nitrates. You …

Breastfeeding discreetly for the larger busted Mum

How on earth do you discreetly bf in public when one boob is 3 times the size of baby’s head? Any tips appreciated, best clothing brands, wrap choices? I don’t …

Judgey McJudgerson

Ease up, Judgey McJudgerson. It’s only Mummy Wars if you buy into it.

Wondering how to avoid entering the mummy wars now you have a new bundle of joy? Lou Kenny has some hilarious tips to help you avoid accidentally committing a mummy atrocity.

Negativity towards piercing babies ears

Q&A: I’m after some feedback on ear piercing from other mums. My DD will be 3 months old soon and I would like to get her ears pierced, but am concerned other people will react negatively due to her age.

Negative Comments about your Parenting Decisions

Q&A: How have you dealt with negative comments made about the important decisions you as parents have made (eg circumcision, ear piercing or baptism) from family and friends who ‘know it all’?

Babies First Months: Our Mum shares her story.

“From day one of my pregnancy, I had every Tom, Dick and Harry enthusiastically pouring their heartfelt advice my way. I was told what to eat, what to wear, what to supplement, how my body was going to change, how to feel…what NOT to call my baby: the list was endless…”

I have one word for you: Enough

2013 is a time to stop worrying about judging other parents and start supporting their choices. Its time to end the debate about whether or not mothers can or should be able to feed in public. Or from a bottle. Or in high traffic areas as opposed to ‘out of the way’. Or while standing on their head, for that matter…