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Lose Baby Weight and 12WBT programs for mums

Q&A: I’m just after people’s experiences with the program’s Michelle Bridges 12WBT and Lose Baby Weight, regarding weight loss while breastfeeding? Has anyone done one or both and found them successful?


Healthy mummies: our journey

We are jumping into this challenge with two feet to lose weight and be a better version of ourselves.  We are following the Lose baby Weight program which involves a …

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Lose Baby Weight

I’m a busy mum of two a toddler and a baby and want to loose 25 kilos. Any pointers or tips to help me. All exercise will need to be …

Weightloss after pregnancy

Weight loss after pregnancy tips

Q&A: What have people done to successfully lose their baby weight?

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Lose Baby Weight

Q&A: We had the lovely Rhian with us to answer our readers questions

Shifting Baby Weight

Q&A: What worked for you to shift the baby weight?


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Weight Loss: 10 Top Tips for Staying Motivated

A successful weight loss plan requires you to be motivated – and if you’re not motivated, you won’t be able to stick to your diet or exercise plan. To help you out, here are the top motivational tips from Lose Baby Weight.

Christmas Healthy Eating – Yes It’s Possible!

Tips on how to avoid derailing your weight loss efforts over the festive season.

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Health Tips: Losing the Baby Weight

Tips supplied by losebabyweight.com.au With summer nearly here, it is time to up the anti on your healthy eating and weight loss plans and increase the amount of weight bearing …