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Three things I wish someone had told me in that first year

First year with baby – 3 things I wish I knew


Find solace with three simple tips to get you through the first year with baby.

More baby change facilities please

More baby change facilities please


Stand up for more baby change facilties.

Expectations on children to show affection in public - is it okay?

Expectations on children to show affection in public


Its tricky navigating social niceties. Lou speaks out about placing expectations on children to show affection to people they may not feel comfortable around.

How to have a fun New Year's Eve as a parent

How to have a fun New Year’s Eve as a parent


Mix it up this New Year’s Eve. Three tips to guarantee fun for you and the kids (or at the very least give you a laugh).

How to host the perfect Christmas lunch

How to host the Perfect Christmas Lunch – Easy, Affordable Ho Ho Ho Hacks!


Need to find some perspective in your festive preparations? Read on for a funny take on how to host the perfect Xmas lunch or dinner.

Budget Christmas presents

Cheap Christmas Presents Hacks!


Christmas shopping already getting you down? Get back on track with funny hints for cheap Christmas presents.

What should I pack in my hospital bag?

What should I pack in my hospital bag?


Take a light-hearted approach to packing your hospital bag.

Childbirth & going with the flow

Going with the flow – tips for pregnancy and childbirth


For one mumma, going with the flow meant shrugging off mean comments about her size during pregnancy and appreciating that a natural birth isn’t always possible.

Bikini line challenges

Bikini line challenges


When you get no warning you are about to have a baby, what do you think about? For Lou it was her bikini line that was lets just say a little overgrown.

Family outing

Family outing – is there merit in planning the day?


Are your family outings planned? Don’t worry if yours isn’t, it can open the door to lighthearted fun including dinosaur milkshakes and tickling strangers.

Antenatal class 101

Antenatal class 101


‘Open cervix, open mind’ … it’s all in Antenatal Class 101.

Childcare calamity

Childcare calamity


Ever had a childcare calamity? Lou makes a desperate plea to save her from being ‘that mother’ at childcare.

unwanted parenting advice

Advice Schmadvice


Three questions to ask before giving out Mummy advice.

Time - wasting and wanting

Time – wasting & wanting


Feeling time poor? Good news, you are bound to feel better knowing that your busy day didn’t involve stepping in dog poo, going braless and crying in the office toilet.

Parenting styles: no more metaphors

Parenting styles: no more metaphors


Enough with the parenting style metaphors. There are no neat boxes that we, or our children fit into. Join Lou for her insightful review on the latest offering to hit the shelves.

Passive aggression: survival tips for mothers

Passive aggression: survival tips for mothers


Lou hits the spot again. This time she takes on the passive aggressives who undermine parent’s self-belief.

Driving me crazy

Driving me crazy


Driving with a toddler? Don’t feel bad if car journeys drive you crazy. You’re not alone.

Parenting: did I miss a class?

Parenting: did I miss a class?


Lou reminds us that we all bring different parenting styles to the table, and that’s absolutely okay.

Co-Sleeping? More like co-partying!

Co-Sleeping? More like co-partying!


Need a judgement free zone on co-sleeping? Read on for Lou’s hilarious take on this topic.

Toddler tantrums for the time-poor parent

Toddler tantrums for the time-poor parent


Toddler tantrums for the time-poor parent. A humorous blog with ideas on monopolising tantrums to your advantage. Yes tantrums may have a positive.

Facebook ... we need a break

Facebook … we need a break


Need a reason to break up with Facebook? Read on.

New friendships, no thanks!

New friendships, no thanks!


Want to laugh out loud? Lou’s friendship dilemma is a must-read.

It gets easier

It gets easier …


Need a quick pick-me-up? Read on for a highly amusing (and a little bit naughty) take on the parenting catch-cry, IT GETS EASIER.

Judgey McJudgerson

Ease up, Judgey McJudgerson. It’s only Mummy Wars if you buy into it.


Wondering how to avoid entering the mummy wars now you have a new bundle of joy? Lou Kenny has some hilarious tips to help you avoid accidentally committing a mummy atrocity.

clean house

The lazy mum’s cleaning guide


Behing Lou’s Martha Stewart-esque exterior is a secret aversion to housework. Find out how she fools the masses.

Livin’ La Baby Loca


By Lou Kenny It’s a well-established fact amongst people who know me that I am an idiot. One of my greatest hits was the situation now formally known as “Milk …

SAHM fantasy meets reality featured

When SAHM fantasy meets reality


Lou shares what happens when pregnant fantasies meet parenting realities.