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4 of the best things about being a Dad

“So, having a child changes your life, that’s a given. There’s plenty of lists out there with the same heartwarming messages and extreme focus on how your life will never be the same. My experience was great, parenting has been so much easier than expected and it’s come with some awesome perks that I don’t really see mentioned anywhere…”

Lessons in being a cool dad

Lessons in being a cool dad, as taught by The Simpsons.

Packing Man Bags: Creating a man space

Chris explains why his man-cave is an important part of finding time for himself now that he is a Dad.

Packing Man Bags: The House Economy

One of the biggest differences between families and childless couples is the household budget. Chris reflects on his experience while his wife gets ready to start a new job.

mother's day

Packing Man Bags: Mothers Day

Chris explains why he doesn’t ‘celebrate’ Mother’s Day.

Packing Man Bags: The trip of a lifetime

Long distance travel is always hard with a toddler. Taking three planes and travelling halfway across the world is an accomplishment if you even consider it. In his latest blog, Chris shares how they did just that, and what he learned about his son and his parenting on the way.

taking photos with your phone

How to take awesome photos with your phone

Our resident daddy blogger, Chris, shares some tips for taking great photos on your smart phone. No more diving for the camera in the bottom of the bag to capture that first step or cute face.