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When should I introduce a pet into the family

When should I introduce a new pet into the family?

When should I introduce a new pet into the family? What kind of pet is good with small kids? We’ve got all of your questions answered. When should I introduce …

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This little boy donated his 5th birthday gifts to an animal shelter

Cooper has always loved all animals from cats to lizards – you name it, he loves them all. So it was no surprise to his parents when Cooper said he …

Introducing dogs to babies

Introducing dog to baby

Q&A: Does anybody have any advice on introducing dog to baby? We have a lovely natured 18month old staffy but he’s still very playful. He’s great with bigger children but I’m apprehensive about introducing him to the baby

crawling and dogs

Family dogs and Crawling Baby

Q&A: We have a 9 month old boy and two Maltese shitzus (4&2) since my sons been crawling he goes up to the dogs and they have both snapped once each! After people to advise who may have dealt with this.

Pets for Toddlers

Q&A: Any suggestions for a pet for a 2 1/2 yr old? Something easy maintenance.. Going to wait till he and his 9 mth old sister are older for a dog but I was thinking a hermit crab? Any other suggestions?