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Relationship Survivor: Who has this week’s immunity?

What do you do when you are very pro-vaccination but the mother of your children is heavily against it? Darrell explains how this issue has affected his family and why he supports his wife’s decision.

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Rescuing a boring sex life

Q&A: My husband and I love each very much and we still find each other attractive but finding that our sex life is boring. There’s no effort, no enthusiasm or excitement. We are trying for a baby but are not thinking about that when having sex and its been like this for a while. We are finding it hard to be motivated to try new things. Any ideas on how to naturally get the excitement going again and make it fun like it is when you were first together?

The Language of Parenting: The ‘Mine’ Field

When are your children ‘yours’, and when are they ‘ours’?

Six Things Dad Should Do, and Mum Should Make (or Let) Them…

Darrell‘s list of the six things that he believes are the most important parts of being a good and hands-on Dad, and why Mum needs to let go sometimes.

Dads are Parents too

Fathers are often (unintentionally) forgotten when it comes to raising our children in today’s ‘mother’s world’ society, but they are equally as important in our little one’s lives. Darrell shares his thoughts and experiences as a hands-on Dad in today’s society, and why he thinks things need to change.

Depo injections (Depo-Provera/Depo-Ralovera)

What was your experience with the Depo injections?