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Bably Sleep Issues

Tips for baby sleep issues – The newborn sleep routine checklist!

Q&A: Did your baby have any sleep issues? What helped?

How to teach baby to self settle

Teach baby to self settle

Q&A: my 3.5 month old always needs to be rocked to sleep, will suck constantly on his thumb, boob or fingers but refuses a dummy. Would like tips on how to teach baby to self settle as he gets so restless if we don’t help him to sleep.

Stopping thumb sucking

Q&A: What worked for you to stop your child sucking their thumb? We have a mum desperate for ideas.

rocking sleeping kids

Rocking older babies to sleep

Q&A: For those parents who have rocked their babies to sleep, how has it worked in the later months, 6 and over?

Self Settling Books

Q&A: Can anyone suggest any baby books to read for teaching self-settling, routines etc.

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Puckababy Wrap – Baby Product Review

Europe’s leading sleepwear brand Puckababy offers a range of luxurious and practical baby wraps, swaddles and sleeping bags. Puckababy’s innovative designs have won several awards and have helped babies all over the world sleep better by making them feel secure and protected.

Encouraging baby to sleep while out and about

Q&A: How do u get your bub to sleep while we are out? He’s needs wrapping & put in a dark room.(8mo)

Sleep regression

Sleep Regression

Question: At what age/s did your child have a sleep regression? How long did it take to resolve, and what did you do to fix it?


Getting baby to sleep past 5am

Q&A: I’m looking for some ideas to help my 9mo dd to sleep past 5am as I’m about to go back to work.


Love to Dream Swaddle or Ergo Cocoon?

I’m expecting soon and I’m wondering what people’s opinions on either the ergo cocoon or love to dream swaddle is best for a new born. Should I buy both?

is baby hungry

Is my baby hungry or just wants comfort?

Q&A: I’m having trouble in the day time trying to figure out if my babies hungry or just wants the nipple

dream feeds do they work

Dream Feeds – Helpful or Not?

Q&A: What are people’s thoughts and experiences of dream feeding?

Newborn routine

Q&A: I have been told to follow the routine feed play sleep.. My ds is 5 weeks and many times he will fall asleep whilst feeding. Should I be waking him up to play or do I let him take the lead? Anyone else had this happen and what did you do?

Co-Sleeping and Bedtime

Q&A: When you Co sleep, does baby/toddler/child go to bed the same time you do? Or do you settle them in your bed and then join them when you got to bed


Can Babies really manipulate you?

Q&A: Can babies really manipulate you so to speak?

Cry it out method

Q&A: I’m just wondering on other mum’s thoughts about routine sleeping and letting bub cry it out? I am trying to decide if it is right for our family… For those whose kids are older now, do you think the crying out has been a positive/negative thing for them?

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Tips for keeping sleeping baby cool on hot days

Q&A: What does your baby sleep in on hot days? How do you keep them cool?

General baby settling tips

Q&A: Describe the most effective method you found for settling your baby

Christmas celebration

Kids and late nights

Parents share their tips for dealing with kids and late nights, especially during the Christmas season.

Settling Issues with Twins

Q&A: My newborn twins are so unsettled and nothing seems to stop them from crying at sleep time. We are now trying to allow them to self settle and they are actually crying less, but I don’t want them to cry at all. Does anyone have any suggestions?

How to transition bub to being unwrapped

Q&A: My little man is 24 weeks. I’m thinking of transitioning him out of his swaddle, any suggestions?

Keeping your baby on their back in bed

Q&A: Any tips on how you managed to keep your child on their back for sleep time once they started to roll.

No-Cry Sleep Ideas for Toddlers

Q&A: Hi everyone, I need some ideas to help my 2 1/2 year old daughter sleep longer at night. She wakes 4-5 times a night. I would like ‘gentle’ tips that don’t involve leaving her to cry.

Save our Sleep in Toddlers

Q&A: I’m so confused as to what to do with my 19moDD. She used to be such a great sleeper and self settled. DH had to I away for work for 3 weeks and she stopped SS and I just sat with her until she went to sleep. Then her and I went on a 2 week holiday where we slept in the same room in separate beds. Now we are all back together she is taking up to an hour and a half to go down and she is waking up at night. Is it too hard to go back to the SOS routine at this age? It’s what we used originally. Any parents try SOS at this age?

Controlled Crying in Toddlers

Q&A: After advice from a sleep consultant, we are preparing to try cry it out with our nearly 3 year old. I am exhausted from getting up to her 4/5 times a night. She doesn’t need anything she just calls out for me to go into her which I’ve been doing but have ruin out of steam. Looking for mums who have used this method with success. How did you manage the process?

Cat napping

Q&A: Is catnapping normal? Do you resettle or get them up? How do you get them to sleep longer?

frequent waking in babies

Frequent Waking in Babies

Q&A: My three month old will only sleep for short bursts during the day, usually about 40 minutes. What can I do to encourage him to sleep longer?

I’m after some advice on sleeping. My 4 month old has previously been a really good sleeper at night until 3 nights ago. He only used to wake two or three times. Tonight he is waking every 2 hours. Dont know why. Anyone else had this?

bore your baby to sleep

Colic? Bore your baby to sleep!

Expert tips: Does colic actually exist? Dr Howard Chilton shares his expert opinion, and it might surprise you!

Methods to improve babies’ reversed sleep cycles

Q&A: What method helped improve your baby’s reversed sleep cycles? (Include baby’s age at the time)

from swaddling to sleeping bag

From Swaddling to Sleeping Bag – Making the Move

If you’re wondering how long to swaddle your baby for, the answer will be different for different babies. It is usually recommended to stop swaddling baby when they start to roll over on their own and are needing their hands/arms to roll themselves back over. Here are some tips to make the move easily.