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introducing newborn to older sibling

Introducing your newborn to an older sibling

Bringing a new baby into your family is one of life’s greatest blessing, there’s no mistaking that precious moment when you realise that you are going to be a mother …

How many Christmas presents per child?

How Many Christmas Presents Per Child? Are You Going Overboard?

Community question: I’m wondering how many Christmas presents everyone buys their kids – is it always the same or does the number differ?


When did you know you were done having babies?

Q&A: When did you know you were done having babies? we have 5 and I thought I was done but lately thinking just one more would be nice , our kids are g10 g 8 b7 g5 g 10 months

busy bags

Busy Toddler Ideas When A ‘New’ Baby Arrives

Busy Bags – Keep a toddler happy when your their little sibling arrives.

Caring for older children when in labour

Parent Tips: Parents share their experience with finding an option for older children when in labour and no family or friends near by

What to do with older children when in labour

Q&A: Could parents in similar a situation please provide their experiences and advice

Going from 2 to 3 children

Going from 2 to 3 children

Q&A: What are other people’s experiences with going from 2 children to 3. I have received a lot of advice from friends and family that going from 2 to 3 can be really challenging and difficult, more than from 1 to 2

Gift Ideas for Dad with more than one child

Q&A: What gift suggestions do you have for the Dad with more than one child this year? A group present or one from each child?

Age Gaps between first and second child

Q&A: What age gaps do you have between your first and second child? What positives did you find with the gap, and what challenges did you have?

Deciding on more than one child

Q&A: Just wondering on your thoughts on having more than one child and what are your reasons? Worried about my child growing up lonely being my one and only.

Fathers Day Plans

Q&A: With Father’s Day fast approaching we want to know what you’re plans are:
1. Ideas for gifts for a new dad
2. Ideas for dads with numerous children
3. If you have more than one child do each child buy/make something for dad or is it done collectively?
4. Does dad get breakfast in bed? If so do the kids get to make it?

Double Pram Suggestions

Q&A: I’m pregnant with my second child and I’m wondering of a good toddler/ baby pram. My little girl will be 1 yr and 4 months when the second is born. So something that will be good for both of them. Price doesn’t matter just looking for the best out there – not really to keen on the prams though where they sit side by side… I’d prefer the one under the other thanks everyone!

Age gaps Between Your Children

Q&A: What age gap do you have between your kids? What are the pros and cons of that gap from your experience? See responses from other parents.

Sibling Jealousy after the Arrival of New Baby

Q&A: Did you do anything to help your child cope with the arrival of a new baby? Did they cope well? Any tips?