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help a toddler fall asleep

Steps to help a toddler fall asleep

Is bedtime a battle? Work through these simple steps to a better night’s sleep.

Baby Awake Time baby sleep

Infant Sleep Advice: Baby Awake Times & Avoiding an Over-Tired Baby

Baby awake times are an overlooked, but crucial component of establishing positive sleep habits. Find expert guidance on suitable awake times for babies of different ages.

ErgoPouch window blockout

Gain some serious sleep this summer with the ErgoPouch window blockout

Avoid the early morning wake up with the new window blockouts by ErgoPouch. This simple solution will fit any window by simply cutting to size.

what to expect for a newborn

What To Expect With A Newborn

What to expect with a newborn. Routines, feeding and sleep for your new baby

Numu roo baby is sleeping

The miracle cot mattress you need to know about

If you are looking for a cot mattress that is like no other, the Numu-roo is breathable, easy to clean, modern and safe for babies. Find out more here!

Night terrors, nightmares

Is your Baby suffering from Night Terrors or Nightmares?

Q&A: Has anyone experienced night terrors or nightmares with their baby? I’m not sure if that is what is keeping my 10 month old awake at night. He has been waking up crying every hour. I have watched him cry in his sleep and then sit up still crying.

Mocka nursery

Decorate a Designer Nursery on a Budget

You don’t have to break the bank to create a modern nursery with furniture that will last a lifetime. We have found all of the best nursery items for under $800 in total.

Day Care Drugged Melatonin

Teachers Charged: Day Care Drugged Tots with Sleep Inducing Gummy Bears

Parents are outraged and police are now prosecuting day care workers accused of using melatonin-laced gummy bears to make the children go to sleep. It was an anonymous tip that …

1 month old baby sleep routine. When will your baby sleep on a schedule?

1 month old routine – sleep and your 1 month old baby

What can you expect from your 1 month old baby? Is a 1 month old routine realistic or is there simply no end to the tiredness? We asked a baby sleep expert and our community of nearly quarter of a million Australian mums what to expect from a 1 month old baby!

Baby Monitor Review: Overview

We recently had our Nappy Bag Review that was extremely successful for showcasing the latest and greatest trends in nappy bags for new mothers. So I decided to give you …

The Best “Multiple Camera Function” Baby Monitor – Uniden

   About the Uniden Baby Monitor System – Baby Watch B3002 (I received a Uniden Baby Monitor System – B3002 for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my …

The Best “All-Round” Baby Monitor – Oricom Secure870

   About the Oricom Baby Monitor System – Secure870 (I received a Oricom Baby Monitor System – Secure870 for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.) Cost: $359.00 Design: White, …

The Best “Newborn” Baby Monitor – SafetoSleep-STS200

  About the SafetoSleep-STS200 Baby Sleep Wellness Monitor System (I received a SafetoSleep-STS200 Baby Sleep wellness Monitor System for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.) SafetoSleep …

The Best “Peace of Mind” Baby Monitor – Angelcare

About the Angelcare Baby Monitor System – AC402  Cost: Currently $179.00 at Baby and Toddler two with 2 parent units Design: Comes in several parts – 2 square, flat (teal/green) sensor …

The Best “Design” Baby Monitor – VTech BM4500-OWL

About the VTech Baby Monitor System – BM4500-OWL  (I received a VTech Baby Monitor System – B3002 for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.) Cost: $289.00 Design: …

bedtime routine with 2 kids

How the bedtime routine works with two kids

When a newborn comes along the sleep routine of older kids can go out the window. Lauren discusses tips for a bedtime routine with 2 kids.

Passive aggression: survival tips for mothers

Passive aggression: survival tips for mothers

Lou hits the spot again. This time she takes on the passive aggressives who undermine parent’s self-belief.

Repetition and association – the key to a good night’s sleep

Repetition and association – the key to a good night’s sleep

Need advice on how to get more zzzzz’s. Read on.

Baby - no more short naps

Baby – no more short naps

Expert tips to reduce the incidence of short nap times for baby.

survey results

Survey Responses

My greatest parenting challenge so far has been… Create your own user feedback survey Baby’s first food Rice cereal 35% Puree Sweet Potato 17% Puree carrot 7% Puree potato 7% …

Baby Won’t Sleep: 6 Things that Could Explain WHY!

Baby wont sleep. Tips from a sleep consultant to help assist your baby to seelp

Baby Not Sleeping: A tiresome sleep journey…

Baby Not Sleeping – one mum shares her journey of a baby who woke regularly from 4 months. Know that you are not alone and that babies are not all the same.

Restless 6 month old sleep

My 6 month old baby is a wriggler and wakes himself up at night by hitting his head on the cot rails. Any suggestions to solve this apart from cot bumpers?

baby sleeping in arms

Baby Sleeping In Arms

Q&A: My little boy is almost 5 months old. He has never really liked napping during the day but it was easy to rock him to sleep. This past week he falls asleep quite easily in my arms but screams the second I put him down in his cot. As soon as I pick him up he resettles in my arms. We go through this five or six times until he eventually falls into a deep sleep and I can put him down into the cot. Has anyone experienced this with their little one? Is it just a phase?

babies room temperature

Babies room temperature

Q&A: What is the recommendation for a babies room temperature to sleep at night and with what kind of pyjamas, sleeping bag, blankets, etc?

Leaving a wedding early because you have a baby

Leaving a wedding early because you have a baby

Q&A: A question on etiquette… I think it is rude to leave a wedding before the bride and groom but what about when you have a baby who probably won’t sleep in the pram and it finishes at midnight? Opinions please!

baby wakes when dummy falls out

Baby Wakes When Dummy Falls Out

Q&A: My daughter is 6 months old and wakes up 3-4 times a night because her dummy falls out and I have to go put it back in. Has anyone had this problem and what did you do?

How to put baby to sleep without rocking

How do I stop rocking baby to sleep

Q&A: My 8 month old bf baby has always been fed on demand, fed or rocked to sleep and settled back to sleep on the boob at night. He used to Sleep through the night but since about 5 months he’s progressively waking more and more ( up to 4 times through the night). I need help with how to put him to sleep without rocking.

How to teach baby to self settle

Teach baby to self settle

Q&A: my 3.5 month old always needs to be rocked to sleep, will suck constantly on his thumb, boob or fingers but refuses a dummy. Would like tips on how to teach baby to self settle as he gets so restless if we don’t help him to sleep.

creating positive sleep associations

Creating Positive Sleep Associations

Sleep Consultant Tips On Creating Positive Sleep Associations. Sleep associations can be positive or negative, here are some tips to creating positive associations and helping your baby sleep.