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Day Night Confusion in Baby Sleep

Day night confusion in babies. Expert tips to help rectify the day/night confusion and get baby into a regular pattern.

How to Get Baby to Sleep Longer in Pram

How to Get Baby to Sleep Longer in a Pram

Community Tips: How to Get Baby to Sleep Longer in their Pram. Parents share their best tips to get baby sleeping longer than 30 minutes

How to get a baby to sleep

Community Tips: Parents answer the question ‘how do you get your baby to sleep?’ Tips on sleep routines to follow and other techniques to help baby sleep

4 month sleep regression

The 4 Month Sleep Regression

Expert Tips: Sleep consultant, Jade, talks about the 4 month sleep regression. She discusses what it is, why it happens and how to manage the sleep changes.

Dropping a Day Sleep

Q&A: Just wondering how other mums knew their baby was ready for less sleep during the day? I am thinking of going from 3 to 2 sleeps with my 9 month old, but not sure how I will know when/if to try.

Sleep training books and apps

Q&A: Any good apps or books for sleep training?

First and second child behaviour and sleep differences

Q&A: How did your second child compare to your first child in sleep and behaviour? My older daughter will be 3 when the baby is born.

occasional co-sleeping

Occasional Co-Sleeping: Okay if you Choose It!

Should you co-sleep? Is co-sleeping okay? Co-sleeping is often a topic for debate. There are the camps absolutely pro co-sleeping and then the polarised opposite who say absolutely no way. …

self settling babies

Self Settling Babies

Q&A: Just wondering if any mums have any self settling tips for babies

Toddler wants to sleep with parents

My 13 month old daughter previously always slept in her own bed but for the last 2 months has been wanting to sleep with me and even if she’s dead …


Transition from Co-Sleeping to Cot or bed

Q&A: Was it hard on you and your lo? How long did you co sleep for? Any tips on the transition would be greatly appreciated

ditiching the dummy

Ditching the Dummy

Q&A: My almost 6 month old fully breast fed baby is waking up to 15 times a night seeking her dummy. She was sleeping through… How do I ditch the dummy??

Sleep Rumbler Review and Giveaway

Need some help getting your little one to sleep? We have a Sleep Rumbler to give away!

Save our Sleep in Toddlers

Q&A: I’m so confused as to what to do with my 19moDD. She used to be such a great sleeper and self settled. DH had to I away for work for 3 weeks and she stopped SS and I just sat with her until she went to sleep. Then her and I went on a 2 week holiday where we slept in the same room in separate beds. Now we are all back together she is taking up to an hour and a half to go down and she is waking up at night. Is it too hard to go back to the SOS routine at this age? It’s what we used originally. Any parents try SOS at this age?

Controlled Crying in Toddlers

Q&A: After advice from a sleep consultant, we are preparing to try cry it out with our nearly 3 year old. I am exhausted from getting up to her 4/5 times a night. She doesn’t need anything she just calls out for me to go into her which I’ve been doing but have ruin out of steam. Looking for mums who have used this method with success. How did you manage the process?

Project Baby: Sleep

Emma reflects on the ups and downs of teaching your baby to sleep.