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Marie Kondo

How tidying up KonMari style has improved my life

It’s been a few weeks since I decided to get on board with the new Netflix series and ‘Marie Kondo’ my home, but it’s not just my decor that has …

Marie Kondo

How to Marie Kondo when you don’t have Netflix

If you don’t have Netflix and you’re suffering from a serious case of FOMO, fear not! This Netflix loving Mum has watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and has the …

how to clean a pram

How To Clean A Pram

How to clean a pram – parents share their best tips to clean a pram using safe and effective cleaning products

cleaning for the lazy mum

The lazy mum’s cleaning guide

Behing Lou’s Martha Stewart-esque exterior is a secret aversion to housework. Find out how she fools the masses.


Spring Cleaning Challenge

Welcome to our Spring Clean Challenge!

Quinoa Surprise Thumb

Spring Cleaning + Quinoa Vegetable Slice

I am one of those people who endures winter, waiting (impatiently) for the day the sun breaks through the dark, gloomy clouds and the garden begins to spring to life. Living by the ocean, we love spending time at the beach but getting our bodies sun kissed and sandy is no fun in the cold weather!


Spring Clean Challenge Week 2

This week we are focusing on the bathroom, laundry and outside areas

Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 3

This week we are focussing on bedrooms and general areas

Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 4

This week we are targeting the living areas and toys


Homemade Cleaning Products

Instructions for making various household cleaners, including all purpose cleaner, shower cleaner and drain cleaner.