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Thermometer reviews

Sick boyWhat have you found to be a good thermometer for your little ones?

  • I found the one you point at their forehead the best.you don’t disturb them and it was way more accurate. I had 2 different ear ones but you have you make sure it’s I’m the ear exactly right to get a correct reading.if bub asleep or cranky that is really hard. Kristy
  • My favorite ear thermometer is a braun. My favorite under arm thermometer is the new Vicks one that lights up green when temp is good, orange when bad and red when scary. Cheap at most pharmacies and great for grandma – she doesn’t need her glasses to read it Kim
  • i have a Vicks one and it’s great really quick and also lights up green yellow or red to let you know safe and not temps Tess
  • Braun thermoscan ear thermometer. Have had it for 10 years and it has never failed me. Have also purchased the Vicks one and the medescan as gifts and have heard they are both excellent. My Braun one has been dropped a few times, used thousands of times and I trust it implicitly. I would buy another one if I needed to replaced it. Susan
  • Veratemp. Best purchase Gabriel
  • I have an $8 digital underarm one ad also an Oricom digital forehead one which is fantastic. Both are as accurate as each other. You don’t need to spend a fortune. Kerri
  • I just bought the vicks one and its awesome. So easy to use for my newborn and toddler. I checked bubs temp just before heading to drs and drs one read exactly the same. Well worth the money. Tania
  • Medescan infrared thermometer. Reading in a couple of seconds taken in forehead so you won’t disturb a sleeping baby/child. It also reads surface temp & room temp Melissa
  • Tympanic thermometers are the most accurate (and not hard to get in the ear at all like someone mentioned above-you can absolutely take a temp without disturbing bub!!) Candy
  • There is a new Vicks one from the chemist that is easy to use. Glows green, yellow or red for temps as well as giving temp reading Claire
  • Just a basic under the arm thermometer – that’s what we use in hospital. Kirstie
  • i have an ear thermometer that came with the infant attachments. My daughter has trouble regulating her temperature and her normal temperature is actually 34.8 not the 36 that everyone else has. You should find out what your child normal is. As anything 3 degrees above is high. And i stll have the same argument 12 years on with medical staff. Rosemary
  • I bought a digital ear thermometer on eBay for $10 it’s been fantastic. Heather
  • I was told by the doctor the only way to tell their true temperature is with an ear one like they use. Emma

Which thermometer do you recommend and why, comment below

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