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Baby Biting MomWhat is everyone’s experience with biting? My 10 month old has bitten me twice now when he’s really over excited jumping around and bites my shoulder…not sure if he will even understand if I say “no”…?

  • My 11 mo does this and thinks its funny when I say no … I cant help but laugh he will eventually grow out of it my other three did .. they are too young to understand and they only stay little for a while .. when one of my older kids bit me once I bit him back he was older and didnt do it again.. each to their own what ever works for you. Becca
  • Is he teething? That’s the only time my kids have ever bitten… While nursing or otherwise.  We just tell them “Ow, that hurts” and then move on and redirect. At that age, its not out if anger/frustration, but more curiosity. Jessica
  • My son is the same and he laughs at me when I say no. All I can do is put him down and walk away from him. Dimitty
  • My dd used to scratch and hit. I found screaming ouch even if it didn’t hurt worked well cos she didn’t want me to hurt. Kerry
  • I would tell my daughter no-no we don’t bite and would put her down. She soon realized bitting=no attention from mama and stopped doing it. Dana
  • you should put them down, say no and ouch so they know it hurts and don’t give attention for a couple minutes, they will learn quickly not to do it. but I tried a different way with my ds, it might sound harsh but when he was 10-11mths old he bit my shoulder so I bit him back, hard enough for it to hurt but not too hard to make it bleed or anything, and he never bit me again and he’s 2yo now, doing that made him understand that it causes pain Rina
  • If ‘no’ is going to be the word you use through out his life when you mean ‘no’ … Then start using it… He’ll understand soon enough exactly what you mean. Chantal
  • I get bitten by my 11month old when he has tantrums when I’m holding him I say NO in my stern voice sometimes I put his dummy in his mouth Kassie
  • Maybe bite your hand I front of him and say “ouch” and a sad face? Just a thought Tiana
  • Put him down or walk away saying no. At that age they are too young to 1) understand that what they are doing is wrong and causes you pain and 2) to understand punishment Alicia
  • my lo was doing that not long ago too. Just say NO and walk away. They quickly learn that if they bite or hit they will be put down. Ali
  • It can be a sign that his teeth are sore and if its a big stern no he will respond to your tone of voice if nothing else Anne
  • my little one started biting her cousin, so every time she would bite him we would bite her as well she got the hint after a few times and hasn’t done it since. Amber
  • my 20 month old just started doing this we just say no and tap his hand he understands and stops doing it he only does it in excitement or frustration though he doesnt do it “on purpose” Kylie
  • One of my 10 1/2 month old (corrected age of 7 months) twin sons kind of bites. However, with him, it’s more a sign of teething. I’m letting it go for right now. However, when he does other things wrong, like hitting or kicking his twin brother, I tell him No and sometimes sign it as well. His typical response is to smile and laugh at me! Robyn
  • Anytime my son has bitten me {while nursing usually}, I say “ouch, that hurts momma” and sign “hurt” – I set him down and walk away. He won’t do it again that day. He has only done it a few times. Erin
  • Of course he will understand no! Use a firm voice and mean it, kids are smarter than you think! Kelly
  • At 10 months it’s hard to know whether they understand but a firm “no” and an explanation that it hurts mummy or makes mummy sad/sore every time it happens may work. Or perhaps put them down when it happens and explain no biting. When they are a bit older time out helped us. It’s tough because it’s over excitement not necessarily being naughty. Cassie
  • My 8mo bites me I tell him no and put him on the ground. He does cry when I all away. He bites our dog too and I tell him no in a deep voice. It seems to work most of the time. Jayde
  • My dd is 10 months and she does it with teething. I go ouch (cos it really hurts!!) really loud which shocks her. I think gentle is also a good word. Natalie
  • Understanding No is not really the word but the way you say it. If you day No while laughing or smiling he won’t buy if you say it sternly he will understand! Alicia
  • I would give my daughter a firm no but it always coincided with teething. She gets told no and gentle. She is starting to understand gentle now. Stacey
  • My son went through a faze for about 2 months of biting me no one else. I just would put him down and say no! I don’t think he really understood and it was really frustrating as it really hurt and everyone would give me advice on what to do. He just stopped one day. Good luck. Erin
  • Make sure you are at his level (face to face), look him in the eye and say no firmly but without anger or yelling… then walk away. Just repeat that until he stops. Biggest lesson I’ve learned with boys (I have 5 of them) is to NEVER react if they hurt you or do something you really don’t want them to. Boys just love a reaction. The secret is to remain calm, no matter what! Jana
  • A very big firm NO and then sat our son down and ignored him for 10-15 mins. We only had to do this 3-4 times and biting ceased. Rachael
  • My son started biting at about nine months; turns out that it was a tired sign for him. He’d get really OTT hyper and then start biting, and it was because he was actually more than ready for a sleep. Maybe it could it be that? Even so, even if he doesn’t really understand, still say “No! We don’t bite!” firmly. He’ll understand it one day, even if he doesn’t now. Amy
  • My son bit me around that age, I gave him a firm “No!” And put him down and moved away from him. He only did it a few times before he got the idea Ashley
  • Try saying something along the lines of “your hurting mommy” or “you’ll make mommy cry, and setting him down. Trial and error! Its different for each kid! Mindy
  • Are u sure he is biting? I know when mine was 10mnths old and excited and jumping around he would accidentally head butt my shoulder with his teeth but not actually biting.. Kerrie-Ann
  • I always just said a firm no and we dont bite. My son done the same n still does it sometimes now at 2 They dont understand how to contain their excitement or frustration. Mel
  • In my experience, a 10 month old will definitely understand “no”. My 9 month old does. You need to keep your voice firm and your facial expression serious so he knows you mean it though. Ariana
  • Pretend to cry. I used to do that with my little sister qhen she used to bite or pinch or hit. After a few times it worked. May take abit longer as he is younger. I have tried telling my 1 year old no amd gwntle when he does stuff like that and he laughs at me so I will be doing the crying thing now Tahlia
  • Its possible as you said that he is over excited is actually he is over stimulated and does not know how to express his feelings, its what some of us mothers with children with autism have to endure a fair bit of and they may seem like they dont understand no but they do they just dont know how else to express themselves Alana
  • No works perfectly fine if there is a bit of gruffness with it. It’s a very normal and common response to excitedness but needs to be taught that it isn’t ok. They learn very quickly and it is a gentle way of dealing with it. Ky
  • I say “No!” sternly & give him another option (kiss, pat, etc). By 10 months bub should understand quite a lot. Ours would follow instructions well before that (“kiss mummy/ daddy” -he would go to the right parent & kiss us!) Karen
  • You have to be firm and keep saying no firmly. It could keep going but if you pay too much attention to it they will keep going. Better off taking the attention away. Rosalie
  • Pretending to cry doesn’t help! When my 10mo pulls my hair i pretend to cry and he laughs. Thinks it is a game. Put him down, say no. Walk away and let him cry for a bit then pick him up. Only way it works. Rachael
  • MY 10 month old has tried it a couple of times and I have just said no and ahah. He understands that. I have tried gentle but he dosnt understand that Sandie
  • My 15month old still does but I see when he is tired or excited. I have to tell him off and explain it hurts but he doesn’t seem to get it difficult age..hope he grows out of it. Emma
  • Teeth may jus be sore. Maybe every time he bites you, put something more suitable for biting into his mouth straight away. Lisa-Maree
  • My first wasn’t a biter, and I’m hoping my second won’t be either. I’m definitely not a believer in biting a poor little baby back!! I would say ouch really loudly and pretend to cry, just so they can see they have hurt you. If it’s repeated, say no and ignore them. A 10 month old is still so young, so it’s hard to get them to understand. Brooke
  • I got the occasional bite from my kids, no matter their age I very quickly looked them in the eyes and said “no biting!” in a very stern grumpy voice, (kinda scared them)… I’d say (angrily) “Biting is not nice, it hurts Mummy, no biting!” My kids would cry and cry but the biting didn’t continue. (3 kids) Stacey
  • I honestly started putting my baby in “Time Outs” starting at 10 months .. literally 30 seconds sitting against a wall..she HATES it but I say “When mommy says no it means no” and now she’s almost 13 months and she’s starting to bite but timeouts when you say no reminds them when they go to bite that if you said no and they continue they will get a time out lol It works WONDERS for me!! Carla
  • If no didn’t work I used to say owwww and pretend to cry a bit lol makes them realise it has hurt u and most kids don’t want to hurt anyone! Good luck Michelle
  • I say ow in a whiney voice and then pretend to cry the way he does when he gets hurt. He ends up crying to so i assume we are getting some where Tamyka-Ann
  • I agree in just firmly saying no and walking away if you keep on doing it he will learn that is not nice. I believe they know excatly on what is being said but they try to push you in giving into them but stand your ground Kristy
  • Say “no” or “ouch” (choose one and be consistent. Gently place him on the floor and walk a little away and get busy doing something else. (Don’t make eye contact, ignore cry). He will soon learn that biting doesn’t get him anything he wants. Xx Cherie
  • My dd bites my toe lol it’s gross but she just does it not often I make an ouch noise n tell her no but she just smiles n giggles at me little Bugga Kaylie
  • Pretend to cry! Courtney
  • My 10mth old does the same. I find reacting strongly like yelling etc makes it worse as he thinks it is a game. I find when I calmly say no don’t bite he takes more notice. He still bites often though, I think it’s just a phase. Lauren
  • He never really bit me but he did bite his daddy, I used to just say “gentle with daddy” in a soft voice (that sounds like gentle touching) and touch him gently whilst saying it and kiss daddy or stroke daddy wherever he had been bitten. Carolyn
  • Firm voice and say no. And keep saying no. Natalie
  • yeah I pretend to cry they don’t like to see you sad and put him in cot breath and then go and get him then explain if its done again back to the cot Kylie
  • I say “don’t” to my 8 month old in a firm voice and take him off me. He knows now because when I say don’t he generally stops for a bit until he forgets. Dawn
  • My 10month old little girl use to crawl over to me and randomly bites me I say no took a few time but now she doesn’t Ali
  • just say a word, maybe no will work, short and quite loud. What worked for my biting bub was a little jolt……try not to scare him too much though Kristy


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