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Tips for trying to conceive

Tips for Trying to ConceiveLooking for any tips or advice on ways to help us to conceive.

If you are struggling with fertility, check out our infertility information for some tips and support.

See a fertility specialist

  •  If you’re really worried see a fertility doctor. We conceived naturally with our daughter needed help with our second and didn’t need IVF or just speak to GO.   Claire
  • Just to be sure it’s always good to get him and yourself tested and get some dr advice. I read so many online tests and none of it worked for me. Good luck and have fun trying  Yes I had to up my medication and have regular blood tests.    Jessica

Ovulation predictor kits

  •  Ovulation predictor kits, you can get them on eBay cheaper than stores.   Alana

Temperature testing

  •  Try temperature testing over the month. You will find that your temperature will rise slightly when you ovulate so that is the best time to try. You do need to do it the same every morning though eg: lying in bed before you get up, that way it will be accurate. GL    Rebecca
  • Depending on how committed you are there are ‘temperature tests’ so you can see when your ovulating so you know when to /clears throat.. Do the baby making dance.   Jennifer

Stress free getaway

  •  A totally stress free county getaway, worked for us after trying for 18 months.   Kylie
  •  I forgot to add, track your cycle for a few months, you should ovulate 14-15 days before your period is due, so plan your little getaway around that.    Kylie 
  • Go on a holiday!! Relax and enjoy yourself.   Kerry

Stop thinking about it

  • We tried forever to get prego. Best advice I got was relax and try very often. Sperm can live in the female body for up to 48 hours so every two days try again! Relax and have fun!    Angela
  •  Dont think about it, as hard as that is but it works.    Awsaf
  • I tried for a year to conceive our 3rd child. Stop charting and all the other stuff and don’t have sex with your mind purely focused on having a baby. Go on a holiday, relax, have a drink or two and let the magic happen. That’s how I conceived all 3!    Michelle
  • Just relax, took my hubby and I 2 years to fall pregnant with our son. I was always hoping and kept disappointing myself, when I relaxed and just didn’t think about it we fell pregnant. Also, having lots of sex is good but you can actually have too much. My inlaws were told that when trying for their first (my hubby) when they slowed up that’s when it happened. All the best.    Rhiannon
  • Relax, don’t make it all about trying to get pregnant otherwise that’s all you will think about and you will stop enjoying things.    Kate
  • I was trying for a year so I brought clear blue ovulation monitor to keep track every month, preseed, & also googled a website called sperm meets the egg, I was doing this for another year & abit & nothing was happening so I decided to stop everything went to the dr asked why I couldn’t get pregnant she took my bloods & the next month pregnant. The moral of the story once I stopped thinking about it & not stressed out everything fell into place. Good luck with everything.    Michelle
  • Don’t think about!! That was the best advice i got and it happened!! Don’t rush to check each month just go with it i did that at the start then forgot about it and next thing I knew I was pregnant!! Good luck.    Tracey


  • I got acupuncture for fertility and it was really effective. Others i know also swore by it.    Ellie
  • I also had to seriously de-stress. And I started working with a fabulous acupuncturist/ herbalist with 35 years experience helping women deal with the physical issues women deal with. We conceived naturally just one month after a fertility specialist told us I had almost zero chance of doing so… After 20 years of terrible hotmail problems and never getting pregnant. A week and a half prior to conception I also had a tubal studies test done. The test is to determine whether or not there is a blockage in the Fallopian tubes. It looks like the test may actually have cleared a blockage in at least one tube. If you go to much longer without conceiving, it might be worth looking into that. The test cost us about $400….. But all of it was worth doing given the thousands IVF would have cost.    Roselea

Have SEX lots

  •  Have lots and lots and lots of sex. Literally whenever you can handle it. Lol    Mariah


  • Vitamin D – don’t underestimate it.   Renee
  •  Quit caffeine and cut stress from life and eat spinach and put chia seeds on everything.    Estah
  •  Ovacue . This machine helped us conceive.    Julia 
  •  Going on a diabetic diet plus lots of fresh vegetables boosts your fertility!!    Zsuzsika
  •  Elevit for you, Menevit for him.   Natalie
  •  MAYBE BABY OVULATION MICROSCOPE has worked for everyone I have recommended it to as it pinpoints exactly when you are ovulating. It’s reusable too!    Kylie
  • Improve diet, cut out chemicals, increase exercise, get expose to the sun for vitamin D, and have sex. Most household cleaning products and personal care leach hormone disrupting chemicals into the products which then unbalance your hormones.  Kristy

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