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Craft Activity Ideas for Toddlers

We love doing craft, they are all pretty basic so far (my oldest 2.5y). We have a container on the children’s table full of pictures cut from baby magazines, newspapers and the junk mail, these are mainly for pasting. However lately these little bits of paper have been used to post in out ‘letterbox’, as money etc.

We always have lots of crayons, pencils, textas and paints available for her. I photocopy pages for colouring in or she uses coloured paper, I now buy by the reem.

On playschool this week they made a doll out of playdough and each day they added eyes, then ears etc. So my daughter wanted to make a ‘Kelly’ too.
Materials: Small box, white paper to cover box, pipe cleaner, wool or ribbon, googly eyes (optional), pencils, sticky tape
Cover box in white paper. Put a hole in each side of the box and thread through pip cleaner (arms). Sticky tape on hair. Make face with pencils or whatever you can find.

My Book
This is another easy activity to keep my daughter occupied for a while.
Print colouring in paper – google free colouring or see box above right for links. We just staple some colouring pages together with a sheet of coloured paper at the front and back. Then let her go with some pencils, paints and pasting things.
She loves making her own book.

My Letterbox
We went out to the letter box the other day and my toddler was very upset as there were no letters for her. So we made a letter box. Very quickly as you can see as she wanted to get straight into posting her letters. It has been a favourite ever since. We save our envelopes for her to use to post the mail. She loves to be the postie and deliver everyone their mail.
Materials: Nappy box, butchers paper (cover over entire box), scissors to cut door and slot for posting, crayons/stickers/pasting etc to decorate

A hand puppet craft from story time.
Materials: 2 patty pans (eyes), paper plate for face, stickers for eyeballs, triangle of coloured paper for nose, semi circle of paper for mouth, a strip of paper for hair (cut strips 3/4 of the way down all along – curl on a pen for curly hair), strip of paper across the back to attach on for hand to go through, glue stick


Best Friends
Another one from library storytime. You could make a big long chain of friends.
Materials: precut ‘friends from thick paper’, precut some clothes (or draw on), wool for hair, crayons, glue stick, googly eyes (or draw on)


Paper Plate Whale
This was the craft from story time at the library. They read a book about a whale and then made this. Not exactly how they intended it look, but I prefer to let her do it her way .
Materials: Paper plate (precut a triangle out and staple on as a tail), glue stick, crayons, colourful shapes to paste on
Optional: googly eye (or draw on)

Washing the Outdoor Toys
The baby bath has lots of uses. My 2 year old had a great time spending about an hour washing various toys around the backyard.
Materials: Sponge, toys, baby bath, water
Optional: containers for tipping and filling, funnel, tea towel if they want to dry their ‘dishes’
*Parental supervision around water is a must


Painting the Walls
Another simple one that keeps my daughter occupied for ages.
Materials: A paint brush (several different sizes keeps things interesting), a bucket of water.
Optional: Other buckets to tip water into, my daughter loves to tip from one bucket to another. A sponge to wash the walls.



We got this idea from Playschool.
Materials: A big container (we used the baby bath, a small wading pool would work well), lots of bowls, collanders, cups and plates. Water.
Stack bowls etc with the largest at the bottom. On playschool their largest container was a small washing basket. Tip water on top and watch it cascade down. Rebuild with different bowls and in different orders. Put some ducks or bath toys at the bottom to float in the ‘pond’.

Helpful Links
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What craft activities do you do with your toddlers?
Share your ideas below. 

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