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Toddler wants to sleep with parents

toddler wants to sleep with parents - how to get a toddler to sleep in their own bedMy 13 month old daughter previously always slept in her own bed but for the last 2 months has been wanting to sleep with me and even if she’s dead asleep when I put her in her bed it will only take 10 minutes and she wakes up balling her eyes out. What tips do you have to get her to sleep in her own bed again? Thanks in advance

Give them time

  • My daughter did the exact same, I thought she might of been teething and then once got a taste of sleeping with mummy decided she only wanted that. She’s 15 mths now and only the last 2 weeks has she just gone straight back to an easy night time routine. What helped me was some advice mum gave me… Stop comparing her routine to everyone else’s routine. I had tried everything to get her to sleep between 7/7:30 and she just screamed. Mum said she’s obviously not ready to go to bed so just go with it, I needed to get used to her routine not mine. She now goes to sleep between 8-8:30 with no problems (might have a cry for max 5min) and she still sleeps during the day for approx 2 hours. I know it’s really frustrating but hang in there, fingers crossed bub is just going through a faze. Stacey

Try a toddler bed

  • This was about the time I converted my daughters a cot into a toddler bed. She went from a great sleeper to crying the house down when it was time to go into her cot. We changed and never looked back. Kathy

Change the room around

  • Try changing the room around. Sometimes a simple move of the furniture is a big excitement and something new so maybe your bub will be content in there alone. Sam

Afraid of the dark

  • Could she be afraid of the dark? My 13 month old dd has just recently become quite difficult to get to sleep at the start of the night and I figured out it was the dark and now leave her door open with hall light on. Although she is fine through the night, it could be same problem. Brittany

Help to fall asleep in own bed

  • Work on getting her to fall asleep in her bed. My child sleep best if they fall asleep where you want them to wake up. So even if you need to cuddle up and sleep with her until she falls asleep or sit next to her holding her hand. Whatever it takes to get her used to starting the night in her bed. Then when she wakes try and resettle her there. If it doesnt work thats ok, take her to your bed and try again tomorrow. You need to survive and both get some sleep. Don’t expect changes over night but slowly you gently you will get there. Also keep talking about how that is her bed and where she sleeps. Good luck. Tanya

Mattress on the floor

  • Maybe try a mattress on the floor in her room.  This way you both get a decent sleep and she get used to sleeping in her own bed again.  This is perfect if like me you don’t want to let them cry without knowing you are there.  Once she settles better, move the mattress out and just stay until she falls asleep.  I also find if you respond quite quickly when they wake they start to wake less often.  Hope something helps and you get some sleep soon. Its tough, hang in there. Sarah

What is your best advice for parents with a toddler who wants to sleep with their parents?

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