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TV mums that show peak motherhood

There’s been a shift in TV shows depicting mothers as Stepford wives and are shown in their more natural form. To be honest, I’m all for it. I’m a hot mess mum and I own it.

Sure, I’d love to look more polished, have a healthy home cooked meal ready for my hubby just as he gets home and have children that are best seen not heard, but my reality is far from that. 

Shows like The Letdown, Workin’ Moms, Good Girls and Ali Wong’s comedy on Baby Cobra, these are the shows that show mums right in the thick of it. Motherhood, it’s a thankless, tiring and oh so rewarding job. These hot mess mums, they’re my kinda people.

The Letdown

Audrey, used to be a PR maven who lived it up in Melbourne but as a new mum finds herself, somewhat lost in Motherhood. Something most of us feel at one point or another. She’s tired, lonely, trying desperately to follow the ‘cry it out’ method and keep up with one of the ‘perfect mums’ in her mothers group. Her story is so relateable, particularly when her friends ask if she’s had a bad nights sleep because her hair is messy but that was just her hair for the day. Been there! Definitely worth a watch if you feel like it’s just you struggling with motherhood.

Workin’ Moms

This one took a bit for me to love, because the first episode was quite straight to the bummer that can be motherhood. It’s real. Frankie, one of the mums deals with post-natal depression and psychosis, Anne falls pregnant soon after having her bub and contemplates abortion, and Kate the advertising guru mum takes on a job in a different city and leaves her bub behind. Not to mention Jenny who returns to work and actively makes moves on her new boss.  The great part of this show is that it shows just how hard it is for women to truly return to their former careers, which can be hard to articulate to men. Although there are laws to help us return, the reality is motherhood, is still seen as a burden to most workplaces and rarely are women able to climb the corporate ladder post-children. 

Good Girls

This is a much lighter show. Three overworked and underpaid mums find themselves stuck in the middle of a rock and a hard place financially and decide the only way to make ends meet is to rob a grocery store. The women get away with it but have no idea what life awaits them post-robbery. It’s an weirdly empowering show that makes you feel like you’re not the only mum in the world that has contemplated committing a crime to make ends meet. Not that we encourage crime, but it is worth a watch with some mum friends and some wine. 


Another light-hearted but totally relatable mum show is SMILF. Bridgette Bird is an aspiring actress and mum living in the rough end of Boston. She’s down on her luck as an actress and trying to co-parent with super hunky Javi and his Aussie model girlfriend while showing so many of her unfortunate choices and random turns of events. You feel for Bridgette as she’s a likable character who just can’t seem to get her life together but tries her best for her son. 

Baby Cobra

Aside from being so hilariously honest about pregnancy, Ali Wong has to be one of the funniest women in comedy. She shares how she met her husband who she thought was too good for her, so she had to ‘trap him’, she will have you laughing til you cry. Particularly when her husband asks her to change the channel she reminds him of how shes busy ‘making an eyeball’. Make sure you catch her follow-up to Baby Cobra Hard-Knock Wife for more LOLs.

The point of these shows is to show you all that yes motherhood is a miracle, however, it is tough on the mind and body. That it is okay to cry about it, to laugh about it and to even shout from the rooftops how much you miss hitting the clubs. We’re all hot mess mums from time to time, and it’s okay. Just remember that some ‘me time’ is the first step to feeling human again.

About the Author:

Alex is your average caffeine addicted mum on a quest to share her experiences and learn from yours. Her world revolves around her baby girl, four-year-old son and hubby Rob. She lives with her family in Sydney's South West and when she's not writing, you can find her engrossed in the latest true crime docu-series or trying to get kids to at least try the broccoli.

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