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Rolling while wrapped

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My 5 month old son today discovered that he can roll in his cot. The only problem is he won’t sleep unwrapped.. I went in there after he didn’t fall asleep 5 minutes after putting down to discover him was still wrapped and on his tummy. I then put him in again unwrapped and discovered he had wriggled all the way to the top of his cot lying quite awkwardly. I’ve been trying to have him wrapped with one arm out for a while but it doesn’t work.

baby rolling while wrapped or swaddled

  • There is a wrap called wrap me up. They are wrapped but the arms they can move still inside the wrap! My little boy is 8 months old & sleeps on his tummy & side unwrapped in a sleeping bag. You will get there 🙂
  • Maybe try a sleeping bag? And lee it could be the start of teething ?
  • There are things u can buy that (not sure of name) stop the baby rolling & adjust to size as they get older. You lay it down & it has 2 big sides on it & u place baby in-between to big sides & then they can’t roll. I used it & it worked awesome for all my 3 kids. Plus u can still wrap or use sleeping bag ect. Hope I was of some help.
  • You can get a sleep positioner to keep them in safe back sleep position. Id also rec adding a few cotton blanket layers as rolling on tummy is a sign of coldness. Oh it’s called a Safety Sleep
  • If he can roll around that well then sids risk is minimised if thats what you are concerned about. i would just use a sleeping bag and let him go
  • Definitely unwrap once bubs starts trying to roll while wrapped. Pretty sure sleep positioners are not SIDS approved but each to their own. Once my dd started trying to roll we unwrapped her cold turkey. She’s in a sleeping bag though and ends up in all sorts of positions. She has calmed down a bit now. But once they learn how to move it’s hard to stop them. After a few restless sleeps your lo will get used to not being wrapped it just takes a few sleeps 🙂
  • I freaked first time I found my dd on her tummy asleep, but as long as they have neck control they can turn their heads so they can breathe.
  • Would a sleeping bag help. The feel of being wrapped up but her can move his arms?
  • Maybe get those block things that stop them from rolling?
  • Roll up a towel & put it infront or behind him to stop him from rolling?

Did your baby roll while wrapped? What helped?

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