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Considering Cloth Nappies? And the truth about poo!

cleaning cloth nappies - getting rid of the poo and other tipsToday we share 6 things you may not know about cloth nappies… and answer all those questions you’ve pondered but dared not ask about dealing with poo!

Often when I mention cloth nappies to people, most immediately think of the original style terry squares, pins and plastic covers. The assumption is that they are complicated, extremely time-consuming, not something that is suited to a busy household and frankly just too ‘icky’ to comprehend. However, cloth nappies have had a significant evolution and are becoming a practical and economical choice for a fast growing number of families.

The next question that many people have about modern cloth nappies is always how to deal with poo!! So, I’m putting my shame aside – let’s talk pooh. (If you’ve a weak stomach or don’t like poo talk now might be the time to click to another article!)

Dealing with poo can be a major sticking point (pardon the pun) for some people. But let’s be frank, if you don’t want to deal with poo (and wee / vomit / snot etc) you’re probably in for some challenges as a parent!

Here we go…

Basically with poo, there’s 2 main types…

A) Sticky, runny poo and B) The ‘plop-able’ poo. If you are dealing with a Type B – lucky you! They simply roll from the nappy dutifully into the toilet to be flushed away. This is cloth nappy-ing at its very best!

With Type A there’s a couple of techniques (taking from about 5-20 seconds):

1. Dunk and swish – dunk nappy (or reusable liner) in toilet bowl, swish about then flush and let the water wash over the nappy/liner and wash off and then drop in your nappy bucket.

2. Use a nappy sprayer. This is a high pressure water hose that is attached to toilet. Simply hold nappy/liner in toilet bowl, spray off all poo then drop in your nappy bucket. Easy!

3. Use flushable* liners. Shake the liner into the toilet and flush.

For messy baby bums, I’ve found the most efficient way to quickly clean-up is with a washable cloth wipe. It’s amazing – one washable wipe is equivalent to about 2-3 disposable wipes in poo-collection effectiveness. And I firmly believe a washable wipe is better for the little bum in question, your hip pocket, and the environment. Win, win, win!

*Not all disposable liners are suitable for all toilet systems, please check before using.

6 Things You May Not Know About Cloth Nappies…

1. Cloth nappies are easy to use: Cloth nappies go on just like a disposable. Simply lay baby on nappy and fasten around the waist. Modern cloth nappies are shaped like a disposable with elastic around the legs and waist. No folding required.

2. Cloth nappies have no pins: Snaps or velcro fasten them safely and snugly around the waist. Quick and easy! No stabbing or sharp pricks required!

3. Cloth nappies are easy to care for: Let your washing machine do the work. No soaking required. It only takes an average of an additional 5-10 minutes a day to care for your cloth nappies.

4. Cloth nappies are economical: Cloth nappies will save you lots of money. Using disposables is literally throwing away cash. Many families also find that their cloth nappies are still in good enough shape to be used on subsequent children, saving even more money!

5. Cloth nappies are environmentally friendly: Cloth nappies won’t fill up your bin and end up in landfill. On average a child in nappies will be changed over 5,000 times before toilet training – that is a LOT of nappies. A huge environmental footprint for someone with such a tiny foot.

6. Cloth nappies are cute – Cloth nappies come in a huge range of colours and prints and look super cute on the bum! Cloth nappies are definitely a baby fashion accessory if you want them to be!

If you have questions or comments or just want to know more about cloth nappies I would love to hear from you! New age nappiesI’d also love to know about your experiences as a cloth nappy momma! Please leave me a comment below.

About the Author: Carly is owner at www.newagenappies.com.au, mum of 2 little girls and cloth nappy advocate. She is available for nappy consults and demonstrations at her nappy showroom in Brisbane or via Skype. In her other role as a Board member of the Australian Nappy Association she has the pleasure of working with a dedicated group of women who are passionate about growing cloth nappy use through information, research and education. For more information about the ANA please visit www.australiannappyassociation.org.au

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