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Waters breaking (full term)

waters breaking storiesWhat happened when your waters broke? Any dramatic stories when out and about?

  • I was laying in bed, getting contractions and I felt a huge pop but thought it was my daughter kicking. I went to get up and all of a sudden I felt gushing. 🙂
  • Nothing too dramatic here…my first the Dr broke for me during labour … my second i had extremely high amniotic fluid and was induced, so they broke my waters and it just kept coming!! Glad it never happened while out and about, or on my couch, or bed, or carpet!!
  • I was bouncing on a gym ball. Then sat on the couch (luckily with a sheet over it) and my waters broke. There was meconium in them 🙁 Luckily she wasn’t distressed. But it meant I couldn’t have the water birth I wanted and had the syntocinon drip, wires everywhere and a world of pain! No drugs and natural labour. Hopefully this time I get the water birth I wanted 🙂
  • My first I was well into labour, on the bed just as the midwife was about to break them I heard a pop and it went all over her lol felt so bad, and second we were in the car on the way to the hospital in hubby’s new car, something he has been praying wouldn’t happen lol lucky for him it was only a tiny bit
  • Id had a stretch and sweep done on the Wed afternoon at 41wks. I woke about 4am the next morning and was angry that nothing was happening. I rolled over and then a little pop and a little discharge- wasnt like laying in a puddle or anything lol Finally I had been laying on a towel for like 6wks lol
  • I was at a pool hall (I was 30 weeks) when my waters broke in a huge, smelly gush (I had a uterus infection it turns out). Had to wait 20 minutes for an ambulance, grossest wait ever
  • I have 3 kiddies and my waters haven’t broken on their own for either one
  • Was on my last shift at 38wks at a hair and beauty salon spray tanning a client. i was bent down doing the backs of her legs and as i stood up then came the gushing. only 4hrs earlier i had pranked called my partner saying i was in labour so it took ALOT of convincing when i rang back and said i really had this time lol
  • After I was shopping with my sister I finally sat down in her car n oops waters broke lol
Second time was in casino celebrating friends b day bout 630 went toilet oops again 
Third time I learnt to stay home and yer lol
  • My last baby I had just gotten out of the car a ikea at 39+4, all ready to get some meatballs. They partly broke in the carpark so we headed home, had a contraction and they broke all over the car seat!
  • My waters broke in bed at about 3 am.. I was 36 weeks so thought I peed the bed -.- until I got up & went to the toilet & it was still coming out lol ! I wasn’t in labor though still went to hospital & had to stay on antibiotics..Our daughter came 2 days later after a 2 and a bit our labor..
  • Ha, i didnt even know i was in labour, went to the hospital cause i hadnt felt him move all day, i was already 5 cm dilated, they broke my waters and he came 5 hours later, 2 1/2 of those hours was pushing :-)), very quick!! 
Mine broke at 11.30 at night in bed 🙁 I woke feeling as if I had just wet myself. Woke my partner up, rung the hospital. It wouldn’t stop haha. I had no contractions and didn’t really have many bh’s either. We had only just been to the antinatal class on the Sunday and it definetly did not go how it was ‘supposed’ to. Lol. They induced me at 8.25 Wednesday morning as I had Strep b positive and my blood group is negative, and we had him at 10.25. !!!!! He was 3 weeks early so when we rang everyone to tell them the good news they were all surprised. That was our first, so I’m kinda scared for when we have our 2nd lol
  • With DS1 broke as I walked into hospital ( had my son an hour later, DS2 water broke as his head came out 🙂
  • In hospital broke on own with a big gush, i had heavy bleeding beforehand and freaked out was in tears when the nurse came, she had to sedate me as it was 1am! All good now happy baby girl
  • Both mine were broken during labour by the midwife
  • lol glad im not alone. with my daughter they broke during sex at 33 weeks. and my son.. broke in hospital all over the midwife.. he was born 9 mins later..
  • Not heaps dramatic but I’d been having contractions for 20hours and was at hospital, I had just asked my hubby to get me a drink so he wandered across the room all of a sudden I heard a loud pop like the cork of a bottle and then I looked up in surprise at him and then a massive gush of water came splashing onto the floor. My hubby didn’t believe that it could make such a weird sound he thought it must have been someone opening a bottle next door! That was until he saw the stuff on the floor..
  • My waters broke at 1am when I got up to wee. I couldn’t sleep so knew something was going on.lol. I went straight into labour with contractions 2 mins apart and full on. 4hrs and 21mins later my son was born. Would have been quicker if I wasn’t such a sook and pushed properly to begin with lol.
  • With my first pregnancy my watera broke at home. I had just hopped back into bed after having my early morning cordial ( at 4:20 am !) and then 2 minutes later i felt a leak, ran to the bathroom and flooded it ha ha ha. With number 2 i was induced and they broke my waters in hospital now pregnant with number 3 so who knows how we will go this time !!
  • My water broke during labour while bouncing on a gym ball
  • Broke at work, about 45min after I had already been to the hospital for my antenatal appointment
  • Mine were broken by my doctor when I was induce at 37 weeks and we knew I had alot of fluid but no-one was ready for the tsunami and the doctor, training doctor and 2 nurses all got wet shoes and the more I laughed the worse it was lol.
  • #1 dr broke, 2.5hrs later bub arrived, #2 broke just before pushing bub out, #3 nurse broke it just before bub arrived (quick labour 2 hrs), #4 woke up to go to loo & felt a trickle thought i was wetting myself to find it didn’t stop and continued to trickle for 23hrs until i gave birth….
  • First baby was so confused what was happening went to hospital sent home with no contractions. with in 4 hours contactions happened. one hour labour dd was born! 🙂
  • I was bouncing on the fit ball when mine broke! I simply laughed!
  • With my first, I was already in hospital and it broke at the same time as I threw up (charming lol). Second time they broke my waters as I requested an epidural. Next time I’ll be asking for the epi first, as fifteen minutes after they broke my waters, dd2 was out! Did not intend on a drug free birth at all!
And both times my waters were stained, so it was a bit upsetting. Dd1 had the NICU team present just in case, dd2 came out before the NICU team made it to the delivery room.
  • With our first mine broke about 3am,we’d only been asleep for an hour :-), all hubby and i could do was race to stand in the shower, look at each other and laugh and laugh, that was thusday morning, i leaked like the famous fountains of Las Vegas untill Saturday night when he finally arrived in a huge flood, reckon i must have had multiple litres extra, no wonder he is a water baby!!!!
and with DS2 the doc broke them in full labour, he hadn’t yet engaged so a tidal wave surged down the bed, 12 min later he arrived,
  • I was in labour I got to the hospital at 10.12pm my waters broke as soon as got into the room and she was born at 10.20pm.
  • My first I was a little trickle, went to hospital, then got sent home. At home with mum, contractions started as I walked in the door. Hoped on the bed with mum to watch phantom of the opera, MAJOR gush of water, with green in it (marconium??spelling lol) taxi to the hospital took 10mins and I was having contraction NON stop. Got into labour room and everything stopped lol. I wanted a home birth but mum had a feeling. Bub was born via assistance, got cut and then tore on top of that again! Second time, was induced with little miss, assisted again, my kiddies have big heads and shoulders
This time round I refuse to get induced! Hoping it will be natural and then I will put off hospital as long as poss! We currently live 10mins away.
  • With my first, they had to break them. then 5 mins later she was born. i only did an hour of pushing. if it happens like that again, i’ll be happy hehe
  • With ds1 mine broke all over our new couches just as hubby gave me dinner. With ds2 it was at hospital as I was vomiting sorry if tmi lol
  • Mine was in bed before any contractions…I woke up feeling like I was wetting myself only it didn’t stop…
  • I got induced both times so the midwife broke mine 1st time it was non stop gushing till he was born 18hrs later and second wasn’t nearly as bad 🙂
  • Rocking in the chair at the hospital 5 minutes before being induced they broke naturally – right after I did a big fist pump after finding out my A-HOLE boss had just resigned lol!
  • With my first they broke at home putt no where.
With my second I was 38.6weeks n felt great that morning so went shopping at a major shopping centre, mainly to buy a pram as its the only thing we had yet to get. Had lunch in the food court with my partner n our then 5yr old. Stood up n BAMN my waters broke n went all over the floor in front of everyone! I wasn’t having contractions so I tied my jumper around my waist n went n bought the pram lmao. Didn’t have a contraction for 11 hrs n bub was born 45mins after my first one.
  • First time they were broken in hospital as I was already 10cm dilated and bubs was in distress. They came our bloody with merconium.. Pretty gross lol
  • Woke up at 9am and made my morning cuppa, sat on the lounge and had a sip… Then ‘pop’! Couldn’t get up quick enough, scared the crap out me! As soon as I stood, it gushed out until I could get to the linen cupboard to grab a towel. Contractions started an hr later at 10.30am. They were 2 mins apart and fast. Got to the hospital at 11.30am and I was already 7cm dilated! Beautiful baby girl born at 3.05pm 5 weeks ago ?
  • With my son they broke at the hospital while I was in the bath. I had no idea what was happening just that my bath now had specks of blood in it. He came 3hrs before his due date. As for my second I’m playing the waiting game. He is due this weekend 😀
  • I was asleep and didn’t even know until I woke up all wet 🙂
  • My hind waters broke at 6:30am as i rolled over in bed..was only a tiny bit and considered going back to sleep but thought i’d better tell mum (i’m a single mummy) so i did and sat on her bed then went to get up again n it gushed all over the floor..Went to hospital to be checked as bubs head wasnt engaged and were worried the cord was coming first. After being checked and having tiny contractions every half hr, was told to go home but stay active so mums idea of active was to take me shopping. Halfway through walking around for an hour i had another massive gush and all over the floor.. i was so embarassed.. made my mum go n buy me new pants n undies lol and withing ten min of that happening contractions came on hard every 3 min.. but my son wasn’t born til the following morning after being told i was going to have a cesarean due to lack of progress ( 1 cm on synto drip for 12 hrs) then BAM, 10cm and 4 pushes later my little boy was born at 6:25am
  • Was staying at my family’s holiday house 2 hours away at 35 weeks when I felt a pop do hopped up and it gushed out everywhere, and took make matters worst I was 2 hours from the hospital my partner stayed up with his family another 30 minutes away because he had a few drinks with his mates while I was having my baby shower the day before! Let’s just say myself ringing everyone in his family trying to wake him up was bad from panicking! Lol

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