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We love Survival Sister – you will too…

Survival SisterAs a pregnant woman or a new mum wouldn’t it be a dream come true to find a single destination where all those fab, useful and unique products that can enhance your life are all in one place…..?

Guess what girls. They are. If you didn’t know this it just means you haven’t yet discovered savvy Gift and Parcel Delivery Service Survival Sister. Learn more about this review.

Survival Sister is the shopping mecca for pregnant or postpartum women. Their products are selected with the intention of supporting women at every step of their pregnancy and motherhood and carefully curated to nurture you through these different stages.

From practical items to a little bit of indulgence (and what new Mum doesn’t need a delicious chocolate hit occasionally!) if you’ve a need it’s almost a certainty that Survival Sister has a product to solve it!

Here’s 5 of our favourite item’s you’ll find they stock – believe us when we say this is truly a centralized online destination to access everything you’ll need at the click of a button!

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Support post birth with SRC Recovery Shorts 
Recommended by health care professionals SRC Recovery Shorts are every girl’s best friend post baby. These miracle shorts are your abdominal, pelvic and back’s saving grace and will have you walking taller and feeling stronger.

GAIA Belly Butter (and many more GAIA products!)
When you are pregnant nothing feels better than massaging your belly with something that feels and smells amazing. GAIA Belly Butter combats stretchmarks and helps with pregnancy itch making. If it looks, feels and smells delicious! The GAIA range is always a favourite with mums – how convenient to know you can access everything you’ll need in one place, explore all the GAIA products on the Survival Sister site.

Tea, tea and tea with Tea Tonic or Mama Body 

If you love a good cup of tea you’ll be delighted with the specialist range from Tea Tonic and Mama Body. With a range that spans both different flavours and needs (i.e. Wellbeing, Complexon, Relaxation) there’s a tea for everyone … enjoy!

Botani – organic skin and face care
If you adore beautiful skin and body care you can’t go past organic range Botani! You’ll find their Face Wipes, Body Bar Soap, Hand Cream and Foot Scrub all online at Survival Sister. But don’t consider these products as pampering, these are new mummy necessities because caring for yourself and feeling good is a very important part of how you face those challenging new mummy days! Look after yourself ladies!

All your breastfeeding necessities – including Bebe Nacre Breastfeeding Shells
From nipple cream to lactation vitamins, breast feeding singlets to breast pads there’s nothing more you could need than the vast range of feeding support products on the Survival Sister website. We’re totally intrigued by the ‘Breastfeeding Shells’ – real polished shells from France that you place on your cracked nipples – if you’ve tried Bebe Nacre Breastfeeding Shells please tell us all about them, what a unique product and all the reviews rave about them!

Don’t forget that you can use Survival Sister for gorgeous, practical gifting as well as shopping for your own personal needs.

What we love? Unique, practical and mummy-care centric products in one convenient place! You’ll find quality meets design with the best of the best for new mothers. And the chocolate. Don’t forget the chocolate. Survival Sister really gets women.

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