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Weight gain in pregnancy

On average a woman gains between 8 and 20 kilograms during pregnancy for a single baby.  It is important to note that this is not a time to diet, however exercise and carefully eating a well balanced diet is important.

Community question on weight gain in pregnancy:

Just wondering if other mums could share what their weight gain in pregnancy was. I’m currently 33weeks and have put on about 25kg.

weight gain in pregnancy

Midwife tips on weight gain

  • I’m 38 weeks pregnant and I have put on 23kgs…… Don’t worry about the weight gain, your body will put it on where it needs too (that’s what I keep telling myself anyway!) Erin
  • I gained 8.1kg with my first and 6.1kg with my second. With my oldest they had me drinking a lot of milk to get some calories in. I had no morning sickness, but was never hungry either so had to force myself to eat Nat
  • 10kgs for both. Diagnosed with Gestational Disbetes both times too Gemma
  • 16 kilos all up and went to 31 weeks! Everyone is different and I think different pregnancies can affect weight too! Some women carry a lot of fluid too! I had none left at all when bubs arrived! Sarah
  • First was +10-15kg second was -10kg Jasmin
  • I put on 20kg but was ‘over weight’ before I was pregnant so it really depends on your pre preg weight. If your doctor is ok with your weight then don’t worry Sally
  • I lost close to 10kg with both of my pregnancies Hayley
  • I put on 25kg but after a month after having baby I lost it all. Now I’ve lost more than 25 because of breastfeeding- still need to eat for 2! Rikki
  • With my first I put on 15kgs when I had my son at 40+3 weeks.. And am currently 35+2 with #2 and have put on 5kgs..Shanae
  • I put on about 13kgs Maria
  • I lost so much weight when I was cause was sick but put in bk on when I had him don’t worry u will lose it Lauren
  • 38 weeks and I’ve gained 21kgs Teshaana
  • I’m 28 weeks and have put on 10kgs Samantha
  • My first i put on about 5kg. My son weighed 4.4kg 2nd baby put on 6kg and 3rd i think it was around 6-7kg. Tara
  • My first baby I gained 32kg , 2nd baby 23kg! Dont stress about it Lisa
  • 5kgs with my first and 1kg with this one due to losing 6kgs earlier. Currently 35wks. Heidi
  • I put on way too much with my first being nearly 20kg then o my 4 and 6 with second and third. I’ve lost 15 but have a long way to go. Don’t stress too much until after you’ve had bubs. According to pre preg weight is put on 14 with my second but he was 4.7 kg and add water and placenta and after he was born was only 4 kg Micah
  • I put on 12 kgs. But remember that the smaller you start off the more you will likely gain. The body gains what it needs too. I’m over weight so I didn’t need to gain any and I lost the 12kg I gained in about a week of having my baby. If you start off lighter then it’s like you will gain more. Try not to worry, your doctor would tell you if it was a problem. Rhiannon

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