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Weight loss smoothies for after pregnancy

detox smoothieHey ladies has anyone tried the “healthy mummy” weight loss smoothies ? Also known as lose baby weight smoothie? Would love a review?

  • Yes, I’ve been using it and so far lost about 8kgs whilst doing almost no exercise (Over two & half months), and was very slack in December due to my birthday, Christmas New Years etc! I’d probably be done by now if I’d done it properly! It’s also increased my milk supply (which I didn’t need, but better than not enough). It’s also very yummy:)  Kate
  • Do you buy these or make them? Where can I get the recipe/buy them? Carrie
  • Do you have to follow the diet plan to get effective weightloss? (obviously it would help more but thought I might try doing my own diet that the whole family can still enjoy).  Rachael
  • I’m currently on the smoothies and following the eating plan as much as I can… Day 4 into it and excited to see results soon :)) School holidays are not the best time to start a diet.  Tash
  • I haven’t been following the diet plan because I didn’t like it! Haha, but just having the smoothies for breakfast & lunch (though slack with the lunches because I LOVE food, hehe) and cutting down on the snacks was enough for me. But I have to make sure I have a healthy(ish) tea!
    Basically you buy the powder from www.losebabyweight.com.au and add milk & fruit.
    I don’t know it would help to put weight on, I don’t need help putting it on! Lol  Kate
  • I got the dr phil recommend 17 day diet book. I love it. It’s not hard to follow n I lost bout 7kgs. I do admit I didn’t follow it completely but I was happy with the results.  Julie
  • I had my daughter 5mths ago and piled on 20kg in 4mths!! Im bigger obviously was 93kg full term and dropped to 84 after i had her after a complicated emergrncy c section (during this i had a cardiac arrest)
    Anyways the final straw was drawn after getting slight chest pains, went and saw my gp and he put me on duromine, ive now lost 12kg in 5 1/2 weeks. I stick to a very strict diet (i previously did weight watchers a d lost 42kg in 18mths) so im sticking to that diet, and walk 6kms a day which takes me 58mins. Would love to hear some more success stories on this shake diet as my friend is looking for something to help her as she cant afford the duromine. Rennae
  • Hi ladies, I’m a trainer who specialises in post pregnancy exercise and nutrition. I own a boutique fitness studio in Coorparoo Brisbane and offer post pregnancy exercise, nutrition and pilates. Please check out my Facebook site and send me a message for more information. Whatever way you choose look into it and ask questions. Make sure your trainer if you have one knows how to deal with a separation post birth. I’m running a baby hints and tips special currently and advertising my lean mumma system on the baby hints and tips website. Visit my facebook page for more info and message me. Oh and I provide child minding at the studio http://www.facebook.com/AkalaActive?ref=hl  Akala
  • I have been looking through the ‘losebabyweight’ website – what are the best tasting shakes?  Bernadette
  • Personally I don’t like the strawberry, the vanilla is great because you can put any fruit with it. I buy the smoothie cubes from the frozen section in Safeway and add the cubes with the vanilla to milk (I use the pink zymil because I’m not a huge milk drinker) or I love the chocolate mixed with fresh banana;) I have that almost every morning:).  Oh & for reference- I was 66kgs pre pregnancy, 96 the day before my csection (for 2nd baby), I “lost” 10kgs post bub then stopped, started the lose baby weight smoothies & quickly started losing again & an down to 77kgs, my aim is to get to 66 at least.
    I’d also point out with dd1 it took me 18months to lose the weight, dd2 is 4 months next week:)  Kate
  • Chocolate and vanilla taste great in a fruit smoothie! i found a few good recipes on their website that were quick to make, really tasty and everyone could eat them!  Ashlee
  • The chocolate shake is awesome!  Cindy
  • They taste rank, but that’s just me…  Katie
  • I tried the strawberry. It’s really grainy and takes a bit to get used to the taste. Breastfeeding is making me permanently hungry & I dont think the shake makes u feel full at all, but it helped my milk supply & was a quick easy brekkie. Good luck.  Heidi
  • I have used the choc and have a tub of vanilla in my pantry for when I run out. The shakes are filling for me. I have banana and mixed berries. I’ve only been having them for brekkie and loosely following the eating plan. Not much exercise. Almost 3 weeks and I’ve lost 1/2 kilo. Good for me as I also have IBS and hypothyroidism. The diet plan helps me to manage the symptoms of both as well. And until the end of the month they have 20% off.  Kelly
  • I agree that b/f is making me constantly hungry so you do need to have snacks but just have healthy ones like fruit or forme yoghurt! Or if I’m out I have a decaf skinny vanilla latte for a treat:) but something more substantial for afternoon tea. Though I think my hunger is largely boredom related because the days I’m really busy I can easily last breakie to lunch with the shakes.  Kate
  • They are yummy ! I had the strawberrry and put blueberries and banana with milk so good.  Nicole
  • Can you use full cream milk or is that pointless lol? Also how long until you noticed it increased you breast milk supply? And how long would one tub last?  Natasha
  • I love the vanilla ones and they are nice blended with fruit. I dnt like them by them self.  Morgan
  • Personally two shakes made a difference to my supply but I have an over supply naturally so probably longer for others, but when I first started taking it I was actually able to express an extra bottles worth in the mornings. (But l think that’s an extreme case).
    They recommend skim milk I think but I presume full cream would be ok, it’s only about 40 cal difference per cup.  Kate
  • Thanks for asking this question I’ve been thinking about this but was going to try when bubs was 6 weeks old.  Rebecca
  • I recently bought the chocolate and vanilla. They had a poll on their website and asked ppl which out of the 3 flavours were best and chocolate and vanilla won. I tried it once and mixed it up in a shaker and it was really grainy, quite unpalatable. When I wrote to website they said it disappears if you follow directions and put it in the blender for 2-3 mins, i’m yet to see if it works as I accidently smashed the glass jug on my blender. So I have to wait to get a new one. The chocolate did taste nice but grainy texture grossed me out hope blending works when I finally buy one!  Kirsty
  • Great to hear others thoughts & experiences on the shakes post bub With so many options on the market it can be difficult to know which ones work and also taste reasonable.  Bernadette
  • I didnt like them at all very grainy & thick, I do it in a blender with fruit still gross. I do feel full after drinking them tho!  Tammi
  • The tubs last 16 shakes. You need to blend really well and use fruit or other stuff with them. The best part about the shakes and diet is
    A- you don’t need to have the shakes as part of the diet. It’s an optional extra
    B- you do not need to take any dietary supplements with the diet as you are eating everything you need!
    C-The plan teaches you snout eating healthy and exercise plans
    I haven’t started the exercise part, and already in 2 weeks I’ve lost 1.5kgs..
    Go to their FB page and ask questions. Lauren



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