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When did you start to feel baby move?

when will i feel baby moveJust wondering when will I feel baby move in my first pregnancy? What were other peoples experiences?

  • I started feeling flutters at 16 weeks but got a lot stronger with actual kicks at 18 weeks Khemany
  • I didn’t feel my baby moving until quite late in my pregnancy due to the placenta placement. My placenta is lying right across the front of my uterus so Bub would be kicking away at what was like a cushion and I couldn’t feel anything. Spoke to my OBGYN and he explained everything and reassured me I had nothing to worry about. I am now 39 weeks pregnant and trust me, have no worries feeling my champion goal kicker now. Just speak to your Dr if you’re at all worried. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and I hope you get to feel those precious little movements soon. Kerrie
  • Flutters at 16 weeks with an anterior placenta, which is supposed to mean you won’t feel as much… Reo
  • I didn’t feel anything until about 24weeks as my placenta was at the front and blocked a lot. And throughout the rest of my pregnancy, I didn’t get kicks and hits, just lots of rolling movements. Everyone’s different Beverly
  • I felt strong kicks at 23 weeks as I had an anterior placenta. This stopped from feeling them that little bit earlier. Now I miss them! Gisella
  • I started feeling my son move at 16 weeks. With pregnancy #2, it was about 14 weeks. Leanndra
  • 20 weeks I felt definite movements Tammy
  • At 19 weeks Abbey
  • im currently pregnant with my first and didnt start feeling baby move til about 18 weeks. I thought I had felt bub move earlier but it was just my guts lol, now that I know what bub feels like moving it definately wasnt earlier than 18 weeks. I have read that it can take as long as 24 weeks to feel your first move. Katie
  • Around 20 weeks. 1. Gripe water and infants friend are similar but gripe water works best for us. Samantha
  • 17-18 weeks Tania
  • 15 weeks #1 (13w #2) Zoe
  • at roughly 19-20 weeks bub started to move and kick Jessi
  • 20 weeks Audrey
  • From about 18 weeks Beth
  • 20 weeks Tracey
  • 16 weeks with first child and 22 weeks with second Larissa
  • 16 weeks Emily
  • 16 weeks with 2nd bub late with 1st due to anterior placenta (at front( Haley
  • 19wks Hayley
  • Little flutter at 16-17 weeks, big kicks have only been recently at 23 weeks. I’m 27 weeks now and have found regular cycles starting in rest, kicking and rolling about. Emma
  • 19 weeks Carolyn
  • I felt them at 17wks Bronwyn
  • different for both, this pregnancy my placenta is at the front so I’m only feeling him now at 25 weeks, if you are concerned over 20 weeks see a doc, before that it can be so dif for everyone!! Claire
  • 21 weeks when I felt actual movements. Could see my belly moving about 2 weeks before that Vici
  • I was 17 weeks and 2 days Beth
  • Bubbles (that felt like digestion) at around 20wks. Emma
  • 16wks, light kicks that felt similar to a gentle muscle twitch Jess
  • At 23 wks Michaela
  • 18 weeks Zoe
  • 21 weeks with #1 Bec
  • Right on 16 weeks x Hannah
  • Approx 22 weeks with my first, 13 weeks with my second and 19 weeks with my third (anterior/front wall placenta for 3rd) Marianne
  • I felt mine at 16 weeks but my friend didn’t feel hers til 24 weeks as her placenta was at the front! Amy-Jo
  • I was 22 weeks Natasha
  • 16weeks started feeling flutters, apparently depending on where your placenta is can delay you feeling this also Nat
  • 16wks Carly
  • 18 weeks. Although the GP said she was surprised I noticed as most first time mums don’t notice until later. Teagan
  • I didn’t feel anything until 25 weeks, even then it was very slight. Proper movements started around 28 weeks and now have a happy, healthy 8 week old girl. Dominique
  • My partner and I felt our first real big kick rhe day of our wedding, we were 20 weeks Mary
  • i start feeling my bub after week 16 but every mom is different, you should feel it more after week 20 but dont get scare if after week 16 bub doesnt move a lot as you hope so, mine was pretty lazy so i dint felt her to much daily just when i was hungry or mad, just enjoy the moment when he/she moves Jezabel
  • I thought I started feeling things around the 16 week mark but it wasn’t until about 19 weeks that I definitely knew I was feeling him move! It’s sort of like having butterflies or wind to start off with. Like little flutters in your belly! Chelsea
  • I didn’t feel bub move until 23 weeks I had an anterior placenta too Tahlia
  • 18wks with first before I felt any actual kicks before that was just butterflies Vanessa
  • I didnt anything at all until kicks after 30 weeks and even then was subtle (although I think she had a foot lodged in my right rib the whole time) there was no issues with my bub but I had my placenta at the front which can effect the feeling. Feelings I did have early on I am still having 9months on and I can assure you there is no baby so must have been digestive. As long as OB scans are ok and there is a heartbeat then there is nothing to worry about, everyone feels differently. Elise
  • properly at 20 weeks Lucy
  • I am 18+4 and started to feel what I thought were slight subtle movements about 2 wks ago and then kicks about 6 days ago (17+5). I had to do a double take because my sonographer said I have high anterior placenta and don’t worry if I don’t feel anything before next scan (19wks morphology) so I wasn’t expecting anything- but it’s definitely kicks and a beautiful little reminder of what’s going on in there. Hope those little kicks come soon x Jenna
  • I didn’t feel anything until 22 weeks- and even then it was only tiny feelings- almost like a pulse after working out really hard. My bubs has been pretty quiet the whole pregnancy..due in 3 weeks. Venora
  • 22 weeks Mel
  • It was at 20 weeks I felt the first kick Jacqui
  • I am definitely feeling them now at 20 weeks! I felt them earlier but wasn’t sure how to tell the difference between other body feelings (digestion, muscles relaxing, etc). Kimberley
  • Flutters at 13 weeks, kicks at 18 weeks. Sarah
  • 16 weeks Juliet
  • around the 18 week mark thought it may have been. Definitely by 20 weeks. My ob said 20 weeks you should feel something Anna
  • flutters at 14 weeks and kicks at 17 Danielle
  • 19 weeks Amy
  • Around 16 weeks , felt like little bubbles popping/small muscle twitches. Michelle
  • I was 22 weeks Hayley
  • Flutters ten weeks, kicks 18 Teagan
  • At 20 weeks, but bubbles then kicks at around 26 weeks Klaudija
  • 16 weeks Court

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