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When did you stop bleeding after birth?

bleeding stop after birthWhen did you stop bleeding after birth?

  • 3 weeks both babies Danielle
  • Approx 6 weeks for a natural birth (1st was episiotomy and 2nd was some 2nd and 3rd degree tearing) Stacey
  • about 4 weeks roughly Ellen
  • 14 days Jazzy
  • After my first the bleeding lasted about 1 week and with my second it lasted over 2 weeks,everyone is different but if your worried about it I would just go and get checked out. Eunice
  • 5-6weeks Jess
  • 13 days – natural birth Leesa
  • About 3 weeks and both were vaginal births with 2nd degree tearing. Nicole
  • Roughly 2 weeks Bek
  • 6wks with my first, 4wks with my second Sam
  • 1st at 3.5wks, got my first pp period a few days later. 2nd at 8wks, again got my first pp period a few days later 3rd around 6wks or so I think… can’t really remember. Jenna
  • 13 weeks with the first. 7 weeks with the 2nd Kiri
  • Different every time. First, a couple of weeks. Second, approx 6 weeks. Third, 3 weeks. Fourth, 8 weeks. Around 4 weeks for the other 3 pregnancies that ended just before 19 weeks. Kyra
  • Mine stopped the day before my 6 week check up, but then I continued to bleed off and on from the day after that check up to well over a year PP. In that time I had two ultrasounds checking for retained product, multiple courses of progesterone tablets and finally a gyno visit which came with a recommendation to either go off the pill or try a higher dosage form Elizabeth
  • I bled for 6 weeks then it stopped for a couple of days and got my first period frown emoticon Ashlea
  • 6 weeks my first 8 weeks my second Danae
  • 1 week of solid bleeding and then just under 2 weeks of light and sparodic bleeding Kelsi
  • All depends on your body and how well you heal. It was four weeks for my first daughter and nearly two months for my second daughter. It will stop, so don’t worry. Melody
  • At around 6 weeks with my first 2, both hospital births, my 3rd was born at home and the bleeding stopped for a couple of days at 12 days, came back, was light and disappeared entirely by 4 weeks. Suzannah
  • I was spotting after a week stopped altogether 2.5 weeks post partum Tegwen
  • I stopped bleeding 4 weeks post birth and with breastfeeding still haven’t got my period back and baby is 13 months Tannika
  • 10 days. And I only needed maternity pads for the first few days and then used normal pads for 2 days and then panty liners for the rest. Simone

How long did your bleeding after birth continue for? Share your experiences below.

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